Private Cape Town Day Tours

Today, we invite you to embark on an exclusive tour around Cape Town’s attractions on your very own Private Cape Town Day Tours.

Private Cape Town Day Tours - Cape Town City Hall

City Tour of Cape Town: A Half-Day Adventure

Our Cape Town City Tour begins with a half-day excursion that takes you on an enthralling journey through South Africa’s oldest city. Our professional guide will point out the city’s renowned structures and sites as you travel through the ancient streets of Cape Town City Centre.

Discover the Bo-Kaap’s Rich Heritage

Your journey will take you to the bustling and culturally diverse Bo-Kaap district, also known as the Cape Malay Quarter. Bo-Kaap is a one-of-a-kind district in Cape Town, with a rich history, religious significance, and architectural attractiveness. Explore the small lanes and discover the city’s strong ties to Muslim traditions and culture. You’ll also see the Auwal Mosque, South Africa’s first mosque, which was built in 1798.

Ascend Table Mountain (Weather Permitting)

If the weather permits, your tour will continue to Table Mountain, one of Cape Town’s most recognizable landmarks. The top provides panoramic views of the city and its surroundings. The cable car’s rotating floor ensures that you don’t miss a single stunning sight. Explore the paths, observation decks, and gift shops, as well as the self-service restaurant and coffee shop.

Company Gardens – Where History Blooms

Explore the Castle of Good Hope, one of South Africa’s oldest structures, erected between 1666 and 1679 by the Dutch East India Company (VOC). It is a fort, not a castle, and it houses the Castle Military Museum, which in turn houses an amazing sword collection, as well as the William Fehr Collection of historical paintings and period furniture. On weekdays, see the Key Ceremony, which is followed by the firing of the Signal Cannon. Consider a horse and carriage ride for a nostalgic touch.

Green Market Square – vibrant and colourful

Green Market Square, Cape Town’s oldest market, is a bustling hub filled with colorful characters and a vibrant ambiance. Local art, crafts, fabrics, and antiquities from all around Africa can be found here, making it an excellent place to pick up one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

Robben Island Tour: A Half-Day of History and Inspiration

A trip to Cape Town would be incomplete without a stop at Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela spent the most of his 27-year prison sentence. This World Heritage Site is now a museum and conservation area, providing a poignant look into South Africa’s past.

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