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Top 10 Co-Working Spaces In Cape Town

The definition of the office has been revolutionised by the concept of co-working spaces. Instead of taking on big overheads for your small business or start-up, you can now share an office space. The perks are multifaceted. From cutting down on costs and portraying a professional corporate image, to working in an environment with likeminded people with access to a great networking platform.

Whether you are a digital nomad, an entrepreneur, or part of a small business team – there will be a co-working space in the Mother City to fit your needs and budget. We’ve rounded up the best co working spaces Cape Town has to offer.

Understanding Co-working Spaces/Shared Office Spaces

Before we dive into the best coworking spaces in Cape Town, let’s familiarize you with the lingo, if you are new to the concept. Upon arrival, you will get a tour of the space, and the office manager will tell you where the hot desks are located, the shared office spaces, and the private offices.

Best Co working spaces in Cape Town - Secret Cape Town - Lady sitting in office

Hot desks work on a first come, first served basis. You might be lucky to sit on the same seat every day if you pitch at the right time. But you can’t feel disgruntled if someone steals “your” seat. If you are a creature of habit, and can afford it, you should then rather consider the shared office space option. You won’t have complete privacy, but you will be guaranteed the same seat every day. At some coworking spaces you can also set up your computer permanently. This is a good option if you work on a big screen connected to your laptop.

If you like the idea of a designated space, but would prefer more privacy for your team, you can secure a private office within the bigger general coworking space. This is a great option for a small company or start-up, offering you the comforts of an office, without having to worry about high rental and running costs.

Coworking spaces are also known as shared office space or hot desking.

#1 Workshop 17

Workshop17 - Best Co working Spaces in Cape Town

Workshop17 was one of the first coworking spaces in the country. They have branches in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, a good choice if you often travel between the two cities for work. Each of their venues has its own unique vibe. Try them all out for a free day, to see which one fits you best.

Cape Town Addresses:

The Watershed, V&A Waterfront | Kloof Street, Gardens | Tabakhuis, Paarl

Costs: Hot Desk daily @ R350 | Hot Desk monthly from R2 000

Visit workshop17.co.za for more information

Please note: parking in the Cape Town CBD is mostly paid metered parking, an extra cost to take into consideration when choosing a space.

We are pretty confident putting W17 at the top of the list as Secret Cape Town works out of their spaces and we love it. It would definitely feature on the short list of hidden gems within the mother city.

Think we are biased? In 2020 W17 won the award for the best co-working space in the 2020 Global Start Up Awards


#2 Kelvin Corner

Kelvin Corner - Best Co working Spaces in Cape Town - Woodstock

This one recently joined the Cape Town coworking space scene. It’s perfect for the trendy entrepreneurial Woodstock. The space is nice and expansive. Desk spaces include a small filing cabinet. There are also small offices available to rent on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. You can make use of the communal kitchen, lounge area, sun deck, and in-house coffee shop. There’s even a gallery on site for a bit of creative inspiration. Kelvin Corner hosts regular workshops which members have access to. To top it all off, there’s a bar situated downstairs for an after work drink.

Address: 170 Victoria Street, Woodstock

Cost: Hot Desks daily @ R150 | Hot Desks monthly @ R2 200

Visit kelvincorner.com for more information

#3 Craft+Graft

Craft Graft - Top 10 Coworking Spaces Cape Town - Gardens

This bright and airy space will get your creative juices flowing in no time. Craft+Graft is decorated with quirky art piece and potted plants to create a relaxed ambiance while you chase that deadline. There’s also an on-site coffee shop to keep you in tiptop shape all day. Or you can drink some sparkling water on tap! Grab a beer after work from the little mini bar and relax in the communal areas. Use the well-equipped shared kitchen to save on lunch costs. In the summer the patio is perfect for after-work drinks. There’s even showers installed if you have to rush off to a big event after work, or clean up in the morning if you cycled to work. This space strikes the perfect balance between professional and a home away from home atmosphere.

Address: 2 Gordon Street, Gardens

Cost: Hot Desk daily @ R200 | Hot Desk monthly @ R2 100

Visit craftgraft.co.za for more information

#4 The Bureaux

the bureaux - Top 10 Co working Spaces Cape Town - Woodstock, Moulie Point, Sea Point

The Bureaux has three branches across the city each with their own unique perks, benefits, and vibe. It’s a great space to meet likeminded people and challenge yourself to be more productive while feeling part of a community. They are geared towards creating the ultimate working experience for those keen to embrace the new meaning of a working space.

Address: The Woodstock Exchange, Woodstock | Waterclub, Mouille Point | The Point Centre, Sea Point

Cost: Nomad Space monthly @ R1 000 | Fixed Desk monthly @ R1 850

Visit thebureaux.co.za for more information

#5 Inner City Ideas Cartel

ideas cartel - Top 10 Co working Spaces Cape Town

Also known as “The IC” amongst the creative community of the city, this luxury coworking space is the perfect starting point to grow your business. The fully-serviced space offers communal lounges and an in-house coffee bar to spruce up your work day. Let the stylish environment inspire you to greater heights while you rub shoulders with fellow creatives, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. There are three branches across the city.

Address: De Waterkant | Cape Town CBD | Green Point

Cost: Hot Desk daily @ R350 | Hot Desk monthly @ R2 000

Visit ideascartel.com for more information

#6 Work & Co

Work and Co - Top 10 Co working Spaces Cape Town

This innovative collaborative workspace pushes the boundaries of what “office” means. The flexible and ambitious space is dedicated to creating a sense of community for freelancers, remote teams, entrepreneurs, and small/medium sized enterprises. Here you can embrace all the wonderful benefits of a coworking space in Cape Town!

Address: 11th–14th floor Touchstone House, 7 Bree Street, Cape Town CBD

Cost: Hot Desk daily @ R390 | Hot Desk monthly @ R2 900

Visit workandco.co.za for more information

#7 Cubeways Workspace

Cube Ways - Top 10 Co working Spaces Cape Town

This is another coworking space with branches in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, perfect choice for business travellers. It’s a premium office space with various flexible offerings to accommodate your needs – from virtual to large office spaces, entrepreneurs to established businesses. Ideal location for a start-up to find its feet and grow. The brand believes in creating an environment where workstyle can meet lifestyle.

Address: V&A Waterfront | Icon Building, Cape Town CBD | Rondebosch

Cost: Hot Desk monthly @ R2 100 | Dedicated Desk monthly R2 500

Visit cubeworkspace.co.za for more information

#8 Akro

akro - Top 10 Co working Spaces Cape Town

Akro has the motto of “serious work time and serious play time”. The space is shared by start-ups, freelancers, and part-time Phd students. The facilities include a full kitchen and coffee shop. You can also request a daily prepared lunch. The environment is geared towards effortlessly mixing work life and fun, with pin-pong tables to take the work stress off during your lunch hour or after work. They also hosts quiz nights as well as other workshops focused on building a thriving career.

Address: Cape Town CBD | Salt River

Cost: Hot Desk daily @ R250 | Hot Desk monthly @ R1 750

Visit akro.co.za  for more information

#9 №80 Hout Street

80 Hout Street - Best Co working Spaces in Cape Town - CBD

An impressive² loft coworking space in the bustling CBD. The space attracts creatives from a variety of fields including coders, writers, designers and photographers. It’s an open-plan space with a sophisticated minimalistic vibe.

Address: 80 Hout St, Cape Town CBD

Cost: 1.8m Fixed Desk monthly @ R2 200 | 2.0m Fixed ‘Window’ Desk monthly @ R2 800

Visit coworkingcapetown.co.za for more information

#10 Regus

Top 10 Co-Working Spaces In Cape Town - Regus Co-working Space
Photo credit: Regus

Regus is a co-working space that is all about encouraging you to work YOUR way. Their global network of workspaces enables you to work wherever you need to be, in a productive, professional environment.  Regus offers a variety of options, ranging from private office spaces, co-working spaces, virtual offices, and meeting rooms. Their state-of-the-art co-working spaces are designed with collaboration in mind, giving you the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals in an open-plan area, or a shared office. You can choose to reserve a dedicated desk in your favourite collaborative workspace or drop in and use one of their hot desks whenever you need.

Regus’ fully-serviced co-working spaces come with all the details taken care of. They also have an experienced on-site team to make sure everything runs smoothly. From a highly-trained reception and support team, a range of printers and access to admin support, and secure, business-grade technology and WiFi to optimal security, cleaning and utilities, a Regus App to Manage your account and bookings and so much more – you have absolutely everything you need! You can simply walk in and get to work, while they take care of the rest.

  • Address: Dock Road Junction, Cape Town
  • Cost: Co-working space: From R1,407 per person per month depending on the option you choose
  • Visit www.regus.com/en-gb to find out more