Top 10 Caves to Explore in and around Cape Town

Top 10 Secret Caves In Cape Town Wallys Cave

There’s no shortage of caves to explore within a few hours drive of Cape Town. The Western Cape has many dark gems to explore where you’ll see impressive views, experience the Cape’s long history and rock formations that dazzle you as much as they might inspire the occasional bit of trepidation.

Here are our picks for epic caves to visit near Cape Town.

Watchman’s Cave

Located just above the main trail to the peak of Lion’s Head, Watchman’s Cave is reasonably easy to locate.

The view overlooks Signal Hill and is sheltered enough to enjoy a nice picnic or just the sunsets Cape Town is famous for.

Lookout Cave, Chapmans Peak

Not like you don’t need another excuse to take the breathtaking drive along Chapman’s Peak, the Lookout Cave is hidden below one of the pull overs. Visit here to see the best the Atlantic Ocean has to offer.

Boomslang Cave

Tunneling through the mountain above Kalk Bay, the Boomslang Cave is great for novice cavers. Just remember a torch or headlamp for those dark sections of the cave!

Elephants Eye Cave

Situated within Silvermine Nature Reserve, the Elephants Eye Cave is a large gash in the mountain. The hike to the cave is reasonably easy and the information board at the beginning of the trail well documents how to get there.

Muizenberg Cave

While Cape Town is well known for it’s sunsets, you can still catch a glimpse of sunrise from the east facing Muizenberg Cave. Muizenberg Cave is found on the slopes of Kalk Bay Peak which overlooks False Bay.

Woodstock Cave

Woodstock Cave Top 10 Caves In Cape Town To Explore

Woodstock Cave is one of the largest on the mountain, you may have even noticed it while driving along Da Waal Drive! You can Be aware, there have been muggings along this route so go in a large group and leave any valuables at home.

Peers Cave

Named after Victor Peers and his son who excavated the cave in 1927 and made some remarkable historic finds within the cave, including a skeleton believed to be ove 10,000 years old.

Klipgat Caves

Another important historical site for the Khoisan people, the Klipgat Cave in the Walker Bay Reserve is thought to have been inhabited for as long as 80,000 years.

When the caves were excavated preserved tools and human remains were found. Head there at the right time of year and you might even be able to spot a whale!

Elands Bay Cave

Hidden in the caves above Baboon Point on the mountain above Elands Bay Beach are beautiful caves with paintings thought to be around 5,000 years old. As the name suggests, Elands are the prominent feature of the paintings within the cave, along with other antelope, fish and sheep.

Stadsaal Cave

Located a little further afield, the Stadsaal Caves (stadsaal is Afrikaans for city hall) in the Cederberg Wilderness Area are well worth the trip. The cavernous vault has formed due to thousands of years of wind beating one the rock.

Bonus – located only a few hundred metres away is the Elephant Rock Art was painted by the Khoisan people and is estimated to be around 1,000 years old.

Finally, many of you may be wonder why Wally’s Cave is missing from this list. Due to its newfound popularity and increased number of visitors, the path to Wally’s Cave is suffering from major erosion, leading to dangerous rockfalls. As a result Wally’s Cave is temporarily closed. You can READ ABOUT WALLY’S CAVE HERE.