Table Mountain Contour Path



Fitness Level

Low level of fitness required

Route distance

+/- 5 km from Kloof Corner to Platteklip Gorge

Start point

Numerous entry points on Tafelberg Road / Kloof Corner

End point

Depends on the chosen entry points on Tafelberg Road / Kloof Corner

Average time

+/- 1 hour

Table Mountain Contour Path


You can join the Table Mountain Contour Path hiking trail from numerous entry points along Tafelberg Road. One of the best ways / routes is to park at Kloof Corner and hike the 20-minute trail up the path to the Table Mountain Contour Path.


Table Mountain Contour Path

The Table Mountain Contour Path is a pleasant, low effort, easily accessible hike or trail run (for the fitter bunch). Besides being a lovely outdoor hike that can be enjoyed by people of all fitness and experience levels, the Table Mountain Contour Path boasts beautiful sweeping views of the glorious Mother City, Atlantic Ocean, and Lion’s Head.

You can join the Table Mountain Contour Path hiking trail from numerous entry points along Tafelberg Road. One of the best ways / routes is to park at Kloof Corner, hike the 20-minute trail up the path to the contour path then turn left and carry on for as long as you like. This flat path will eventually join up with the famous Platteklip Gorge Table Mountain hiking trail, but it also continues all the way to Newland’s Forest and beyond.

When hiking the Table Mountain Contour Path how long you want to hike and how far you want to venture is entirely up to you and how much you’re keen to explore and discover. You can turn back at any point and simply retrace your steps or descent to Tafelberg Road.


Table Mountain Contour Path

  • Wear good hiking shoes and proper hiking attire.
  • Take plenty of water, sunblock, a hat, and something warm along. Cape Town is notorious for its unpredictable weather – even if it looks like a sunny day, take that jacket with you anyway.
  • While the Table Mountain Contour Path is incredibly easy with no particular fitness or hiking experience required, hikers should still take great care when navigating the route. This is especially important during or after heavy rainfall as the hiking route can become incredibly wet and slippery.
  • Be sure to take a moment (or a few) to enjoy the incredible experience as well as to admire the untamed natural beauty and abundance of indigenous flora you’ll find along your route – You are hiking in the glorious Table Mountain National Park after all!
  • Child-friendly: Yes
  • Pet-friendly: Yes, although the Table Mountain National Park is under the jurisdiction of SANParks, which requires that dog-walkers have a Level 1 My Activity Permit.


In the event of an injury, threatening weather conditions or an emergency, stay in one place and find a spot that offers some form of shelter. In the case of an injury, do not move the injured person unless they are in a dangerous position. Don’t leave the injured person alone or unattended. If possible, send two people for help (depending on the number of people you’re hiking with), while someone remains behind to supervise. When you do go looking for emergency help or assistance, make sure you take detailed notes of where the injured person is, as well as look out for landmarks to navigate your way back to the spot.

In the case of a snakebite (Table Mountain National Park is home to prolific wildlife and reptile species), immobilise the person immediately and lay them flat on their back. Do not give them any food or water. Get help and most important keep the victim as calm as possible – one of the top factors in the progression of snakebite symptoms is shock and adrenaline.

In the event of contact with the blister bush (a plant resembling common celery) cover the area from sunlight. This will avoid skin irritations and the eruption of blisters.

If you get lost anywhere along your hiking route, stop, and retrace your steps. If you can’t find your original path, move down broad, open slopes. If conditions become more threatening as you go, revert to taking shelter and seeking help.


Visitors are urged to take all the necessary safety precautions when hiking or exploring secluded areas. Your safety should always be top priority. Those venturing into the Table Mountain National Park should have the following emergency numbers on hand:

  • Emergencies: 021 480 7700
  • Table Mountain National Park: 021 957 4700
  • Wilderness Search and Rescue: 021 937 0300

@safetymountain is also an incredibly useful resource for hikers. This free safety tracking service allows you to notify local trackers of your contact details, intended route and travel time via WhatsApp. You are also able to provide hourly updates on your progress as well as notify trackers when you are safely off the mountain.