Oorah: Real food protein and collagen bars

“Live your best, healthiest life. For the best, healthiest you!” – Andrea & Cheryl (Founders of Oorah)

Oorah: Real food protein and collagen bars

Oorah is a Cape Town-based proudly South African company founded by two passionate female entrepreneurs and powerhouses in their own right, Andrea and Cheryl. Oorah produces a wide range of collagen protein bars and balls made with only the best natural ingredients. Andrea and Cheryl started Oorah because they believe healthy is happy and that living a healthy life is a happy one. It is through this belief and sentiment that they wish to inspire others to live their best, healthiest lives in order to be the best healthiest versions of themselves. Oorah is therefore so much more than a company or brand, it’s a lifestyle. And everyone is invited along for the ride!

The truth is, being healthy, living healthy and eating healthy shouldn’t have to be hard. But, with demanding schedules, daunting life pressures, never ending to-do lists, being working parents and trying to juggle too many balls, something has to give right? And often it’s our own health and wellness that takes the back seat. Not anymore! With a drive and commitment to produce the best real food protein and collagen bars and balls, Oorah is changing the game. And revolutionizing the way people view snacks by introducing an on-the-go protein snack that is as close to whole foods as possible.

This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a healthy, but super tasty, on-the-go protein snack whenever and wherever you need. With the knowledge and peace of mind that it is made with only the best quality natural ingredients on the market. So, whether you’re looking for something to give you that extra boost to get you through a long day, a much-needed kick-start to your morning or a power protein snack before a workout, Oorah has your back!

We dive a little deeper into what Oorah is all about as well as catch-up with founders Andrea and Cheryl to chat about all things Oorah. Their inspiration behind this influential brand, the challenges they’ve faced, what personally motivates them to live a healthy and active lifestyle and inspire others to do the same. As well as what exciting things we can expect from them in the future.


Oorah: Real food protein and collagen bars - The Story

Oorah launched their first product in July 2018. But the challenge to develop a bar made from real whole food, without all the added chemicals that flavour, bind and preserve it took well over a year. Although they received some criticism from skeptics and manufacturers that said it couldn’t be done. As no one else in the market or industry was doing it at the time. They stepped up to the plate, took on the challenge, persisted and persevered, and here they are today! Andrea and Cheryl have since continued to build a brand that people can not only trust, but aims to inform, inspire and encourage others to live a healthier lifestyle in order to be the best possible versions of themselves.

Oorah knows that some days are harder than others. And that somedays we all need a little extra support and boost to get us through. But what do you do when there are so many different protein brands on the market all claiming to be the miracle cure that fixes it all? The simple truth is that navigating ‘Health Food’ is a minefield. Full of misinformation and misleading claims. It was navigating their way through this very struggle of finding brands and products they could trust with their own life and health that Oorah was born!

We asked Cheryl and Andrea a couple of questions to find out exactly what motivated them to start Oorah, the challenges they’ve faced along the way and what inspires them to spread the message of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

You’ve truly built an incredible brand with an incredibly powerful message! What inspired you guys to start Oorah in the first place?

We started Oorah because we believe healthy is happy! Movement is life and you are what you eat – two truths we live by. It wasn’t always like this for us though, but when the realisation finally hit, we had a new goal – do life well! Through this, we both developed a love for nutrition and a deep desire to help change lives. So, while we always try to eat wholefoods, we realised it is not always possible. Life happens. And this is when we realised that there is a distinct lack of convenient snack foods that we would happily eat ourselves and met our criteria of ‘healthy’. So we set out on a mission to create our perfect snack – and so Oorah came to life!

What was the most challenging part about starting your own business in the field of health, wellness and nutrition? And did you guys have to deal with a great deal of criticism and backlash from people in the industry? 

Developing a product that falls outside the ‘norm’ of using artificial and chemical ingredients was a huge challenge. Manufacturers insisted it wasn’t even possible. But our uncompromising stance on ingredients won in the end – it just took a huge amount of development time. We also find it incredibly hard to stand up against the massive marketing budgets of cheap food-like bars/snacks, and the lack of consumer ingredient knowledge. Which is something we are definitely trying to change and improve through consumer education.

What inspires you to continue on this journey of encouraging others to live a healthy and active lifestyle? 

The benefits of a whole food, active lifestyle have literally changed our own lives! We want everyone to know what it’s like to live with vitality and feel healthy and strong. And to know that it truly is possible and achievable when you make a commitment to yourself to make better choices.


Oorah: Real food protein and collagen bars

With a commitment to be a step above the rest and produce the best real food protein bars and balls on the market, here are just some of the added health benefits Oorah’s wide range of products have to offer. And why Oorah is the perfect choice for you.

  • Gluten-Free: All Oorah’s products are tested to ensure that each product has less than 5ppm trace gluten.
  • Sugar-Free: Oorah prides themselves on never using any sugar to sweeten their products. All their protein and collagen bars and balls are therefore incredibly tasty without any added sugar.
  • Non-GMO: At Oorah they take the health of each and every one of their clients as well as the environment incredibly seriously. This means that all their protein and collagen products are Non-GMO.
  • No Flavourants: Oorah takes great pride in only using natural healthy foods to flavor their products. They whole-heartedly believe that nature makes any product better, tastier, more beneficial and more sustainable than any lab ever can.
  • All Oorah’s protein bars and balls are made from REAL FOOD, nothing else!
Oorah: Real food protein and collagen bars

We asked Cheryl and Andrea what they believe sets Oorah apart from all the other brands on the market and how they see their company growing and expanding in the future.

In your opinion, what do you believe sets you apart from all the masses of protein brands and product on the market today? What makes Oorah a step above the rest?

Oorah Bars contain a careful balance of protein, fats and carbs to keep you fuller for longer. As well as give you all the energy you need to get you through the day.  They also contain your full daily 10gram dose of collagen! Collagen gives you glowing, younger-looking skin, makes your hair shiny and nails strong, improves gut health and sleep, and strengthens your bones and joints.  All our Oorah products are also Gluten-free and non-GMO. You therefore won’t find any sneaky refined sugars, flavourants, colourants, emulsifiers, preservatives, hormones or artificial sweeteners in our products.  

Oorah bars contain only 4-5 ingredients and are the closest you can get to wholefoods in a form that actually fits into your bag! It will give you that extra kick-start and boost you need to get you through the day. All without needing a PHD to understand the label.   

How do you see your company growing & expanding in the future? What are the next big steps for Oorah?

As we grow and expand, we are hoping to take the healthy deliciousness of Oorah offshore. Because everyone around the world deserves to know what they are putting into their bodies. And why Oorah is best choice for them!

Are there any new products or initiatives you guys are excited to launch in 2020 that people can look forward to? 

We are verrryyy close to finalizing a delicious, chocolatey, brownie tasting vegan protein bar. It’s so delicious, we might turn vegan ourselves! We definitely hope people are as excited to taste it as we are to launch it! So, people can definitely keep a look out for that!


Oorah: Real food protein and collagen bars

When it comes down to it, Oorah wants you to burst with energy throughout the day, beat sugar cravings and the dreaded desk slump, and get the most from your workouts. And they want you to do it without the harmful chemicals found in other products. Therefore, Oorah’s mission is to create products with brag-worthy, quality ingredients (such as grass-fed whey protein, collagen and superfoods). All while remaining equally conscious about the ingredients they choose to leave out (which includes things like sugar, gluten, antibiotics, hormones, flavourants, colourants, emulsifiers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and chemicals). Thereby creating a protein bar that contains the perfect balance of protein, fats and carbs to keep you fuller for longer. All while giving you the energy you need to get you through the day.

One of the best things about Oorah’s wide range of protein bars and balls is the fact that they are all made from REAL food. And is the closest thing you can find to whole foods in the form of an on-the-go protein snack. But, that’s not all! As an extra bonus, all of Oorah’s products are naturally packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Which, unlike most other products, are not destroyed through excessive heating in manufacturing. This means you get to enjoy all the good, natural stuff and none of the sneaky, bad stuff!

In addition, the fact that Oorah’s wide range of products and bars are produced without any excessive heating during processing, means the ingredients contained within Oorah’s products retain more of their natural nutrients content. Oorah’s wide selection of collagen and protein bars and balls will therefore help you get way more from your training session and daily routines by allowing you to stay energized right throughout your hectic workout or workday. It therefore goes without saying that Oorah’s products are truly filled with everything both you and your body need for an extra boost in one single on-the-go snack.

As Oorah is built on the foundation of healthy is happy and that living a healthy life is a happy one. We wanted to know what living healthy and happy means to founders Andrea and Cheryl. As well as what personally inspires and motivates them to live a healthy and active lifestyle, keeps them pushing forward and if they had any advice for people looking to take the very important first step in living a healthier happier life.

Oorah: Real food protein and collagen bars

We know that Oorah is built on the very important foundation that living a healthy life is a happy life. What does living a healthy and happy life mean to you? 

For us health means a combination of things– eating a whole-food based diet, being active, sleeping enough, spending quality (phoneless) time with those we love, and managing stress levels. Health is not a singular thing. It’s about finding the balance and achieving the perfect combination of a variety of important factors and forces that ultimately come together and help you achieve a healthier, happier and more active lifestyle.

What personally inspires and motivates you to get up in morning and choose to live a healthy and active lifestyle & continue to do so everyday? 

Our community of like-minded people are always pushing us forward – we hold each other accountable! We have also noticed how things that used to be considered normal (like tiredness, lethargy, digestive issues etc) are reduced or even absent from a healthier lifestyle. And are therefore not normal at all, but rather as a result of bad choices. Feeling rubbish is really hard to accept again, especially when you know what it’s like to thrive and feel like you can conquer the world!

If you could give just one piece of advice to anyone out there looking to take the first step in starting their health and wellness journey, what would it be? 

Find things that YOU love and are meaningful to you. Then use those as your motivators for making positive changes in your life. Always opt for consistency over intensity, as that is where you will truly see the long-term lifestyle benefits.  

Do you have a favourite quote, mantra or inspirational power phrase that you repeat in your head/remind yourself of when you’re having a challenging or off day? Because let’s be honest, we all have them!

We’re not here for a long time – don’t sweat the small stuff, spend time with those you love, get outside and LIVE! 

Oorah’s wide range of products on offer

  • Protein and Collagen bars 
  • Collagen and egg white protein balls 
  • Vegan protein bar (coming soon!) 

Visit Oorah’s online store here to find out more about the incredible selection of protein bars and balls they have on offer or to start your Oorah journey today! 


Oorah: Real food protein and collagen bars

The best thing about Oorah, besides the fact that they only make use of the very best natural ingredients on the market to produce their products, is the fact that Oorah truly is for EVERYONE! From competitive to entry-level athletes, runners, cyclists, walkers, hikers, CrossFitters and weight-trainers to kids, dog walkers, grandmas and grandpas, yogis, surfers, roller-skaters, working moms and dads trying to juggle it all and young executives fighting the dreaded office slump. Oorah is for everyone! There truly is no limit to the benefits of Oorah and who it can help.

The simple truth is, we ALL need protein. And because Oorah’s range of protein bars and balls are jam-packed with delicious, nutritious superfoods stacked with antioxidants and phytonutrients, means you just get the added benefit of those too! What a win!


Oorah: Real food protein and collagen bars

Just in case you’re still wondering why exactly your body needs protein and how Oorah’s range of protein products can help you, here are just a few of the major benefits protein can have on your body:

  • Speedy exercise recovery
  • Reduced muscle loss
  • Helps build lean muscle
  • Healthy weight management
  • Curbs hunger
  • Improved immune function
  • Healthy metabolism
  • Increased performance
  • Shiny hair and strong nails
  • Healthy hormone function

Join the Oorah movement today and start your journey to becoming the best healthiest version of yourself. By fueling your body with only the best natural ingredients, you will not only get that extra boost and kick-start you need. But take the very important, and often life-changing, step to living a healthier and happier life. The truth is, there is no quick fix, it truly is about making a complete lifestyle and mindset change and being committed to every step of the process. But, here’s the best part – Oorah has your back! You’ve got this!

Oorah: Real food protein and collagen bars


Oorah’s range of collagen and protein bars and balls can also be found in a wide variety of stores across the Eastern Cape and Garden Route, Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. In addition, all of Oorah’s products can be purchased directly from their online store by visiting their website www.oorah.co.za . To find out more about Oorah as well as where and how you can purchase any of their products, visit their website or contact them directly on [email protected] | [email protected]

“Oorah is ALL about backing the strong ladies of RISE, Rachel Kolisi and Tammy Rawstron, who are empowering & inspiring the women of our beloved South Africa! Who in turn support, empower and grow the strong men of our country!”

Oorah: Real food protein and collagen bars

Because at the end of the day this is what it’s ALL about, creating and building a community of people that encourage, inspire and motivate each other to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life! Join the Oorah movement today and start your journey to becoming the best healthiest version of yourself! And we’ll be there to encourage & support you every step of the way!