Miller’s Point Tidal Pool

Miller's Point Tidal Pool - Secret Cape Town - Sunset

Photo Caption: With this heatwave, who’d like to take a swim here?

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Cape Town has no shortage of amazing tidal pools scattered along its coastline. Considered somewhat of a hidden gem, the Miller’s Point tidal pool is undoubtedly one of the best and most picturesque tidal pools in Cape Town.

  • Location: Millers Point, Miller’s Point Road, Simons Town, False Bay Coast, Cape Town | (5 kilometres south of Simon’s Town, beyond Boulders and Seaforth)
  • Distance from Cape Town: +/- 50km | 1 hour
  • Braai facilities: Yes
  • Cost: Free

Miller’s Point tidal pool

Miller’s Point tidal pool is large and unspoiled with beautiful crystal-clear waters. It is surrounded by an endless stretch of unapologetic natural beauty, remote beaches, and a protected ocean lagoon. Perfectly complimented by the most magnificent views across the rocky bay and False Bay coastline.

Where is Miller’s Point tidal pool?

Miller’s Point is located on the southern side of the False Bay coastline, just 5 kilometers outside of Simon’s Town (beyond Boulders Beach and Seaforth), along the coastal road that heads towards Cape Point.

It is divided into two sections. The first section/turn-off leads to Miller’s Point caravan site, and The Blue Marlin restaurant (which serves excellent seafood). The second turn-off takes you to Rumbly Bay, one of Cape Town’s most beautiful bays, where you will find one of two nearby boat launch sites, as well the secluded and picturesque Miller’s Point tidal pool. If you turn to the right, where the views across the ocean are particularly stunning, you will find one of the boat launch sites together with the Cape Boat and Ski-Boat Club. Turn left instead and the road sweeps around and down to another boat launch site. Both of these launch sites are popular Cape Town diving sites. The Miller’s point tidal pool is located halfway between these two boat launch sites.

Reaching the Miller’s Point tidal pool involves a short walk that is well worth the effort. As it is one of Cape Town’s most stunning secret spots, the Miller’s Point tidal pool is both beautiful and somewhat hidden. This means you need to know it’s there in order to find it.

  • Location: Millers Point, Miller’s Point Road, Simons Town, False Bay Coast, Cape Town
  • Distance from Cape Town: +/- 50km | 1 hour

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Miller’s Point

This bay and stretch was originally developed into a whaling station by Edmund Miller in 1825. However, when whaling was banned 25 years later, his livelihood came to a halt. For almost 100 years thereafter the coast remained largely untouched, except for the odd fisherman who used the shoreline to catch fish.

Today, Miller’s Point forms part of the Table Mountain National Park and is a popular whale-watching site. This is mainly due to the two deep pools located just north of Miller’s Point which attracts the southern right whales and their young calves. You can expect particularly great southern right whale sightings during the months of July to November.

Miller’s Point is also the last easy-access bay before you reach Cape Point. After Miller’s Point the road climbs substantially higher as you make your way past Castle Rock to Smitswinkel Bay (another amazing Western Cape hidden gem). If you’re keen to go for a swim here, prepare yourself for an incredibly steep descent, and subsequent climb.

What to expect from Miller’s Point

Besides its secret location, beautiful views and stunning natural surroundings, Miller’s Point boasts a variety of exciting things to see and do. All of which can be enjoyed by the young and young at heart! 

Top things to do at Miller’s Point tidal pool

  • Enjoy a refreshing dip in the cool waters of the Miller’s Point tidal pool.
  • Enjoy a fun ride down the water slide.
  • Take a dip in the surrounding natural rock pools (ideal for kiddies to paddle and play in).
  • The full braai facilities in the parking area and multiple braai pits invites you to enjoy a fantastic ocean-front braai.
  • Have a lovely picnic on the grassy spot next to the tidal pool.
  • Change room facilities are available.

Miller’s Point has an awesome slide which is fantastic for kids. Watch the video below.

To get an idea of how to approach the Miller’s Point tidal pool watch the second video below.

Things to do at Miller’s Point & surrounds

  • Miller’s Point is a great area for water sports and ocean adventures. It is one of the best places in Cape Town for kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, surf skis, stand-up-paddle-boarding (SUPping), and diving. It is also a popular boating destination due to its various boat launch sites.
  • It is one of the most popular whale-watching sites in the Western Cape. Two deep pools just north of Miller’s Point is known to attract large numbers of southern right whales and their young calves.
  • As Miller’s Point is located along the False Bay coastline, you can look forward to incredible sightings of other members of Cape Town’s marine big 5, including dolphins, African Penguins, and Cape Fur Seals.
  • Partridge Point, Castle Rock and Smitswinkel Bay, located just a short distance from Miller’s Point, boasts some of the most amazing dive sites in Cape Town.
  • There is a protected ocean lagoon and several remote beaches nearby to explore and discover.

Visit Cape Point

Miller's Point Tidal Pool - Secret Cape Town - Ocean View

Why not add some extra adventure to your experience by travelling just a little bit further to Cape Point National Park? Cape Point is located approximately 20km from Miller’s Point, at the very tip of the Cape Peninsula. Situated within the Table Mountain National Park, a declared Natural World Heritage Site, Cape Point is the ultimate mecca for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

One of the best things about Cape Point (besides its unapologetic natural beauty) is the fact that it offers visitors so much to do, see and experience.

Top things to do at Cape Point

  • Go hiking. Cape Point boasts some of the most thrilling hiking trails in the Western Cape. Have a look at our ‘Best Cape Point Hiking Trails’ blog to find out more about its beautiful and exhilarating hiking trails and nature walks.
  • See the old Cape Point lighthouse.
  • Take a ride on the famous Flying Dutchman Funicular.
  • Embark on a cycling adventure.
  • Go fishing (you will need a permit).
  • Go surfing.
  • Take a refreshing dip in one of its picturesque tidal pools.
  • Witness its abundance of wildlife, birdlife, and marine life.
  • Explore Cape Point’s rich biodiversity, stunning scenic surroundings, and vast natural landscapes. From jagged mountain peaks rising from the deep blue, towering more than 200 metres above the sea, and plunging cliffs to a spectacular display of wildflowers and endemic Fynbos scattered about, Cape Point is a remarkable natural wonder and National Park.
  • Visit the Cape Point food shops and curio shops.
  • Discover one (or all) of Cape Point’s secret beaches, all of which are largely unspoilt and untouched. Four of Cape Point’s stunning secret beaches include Buffels Beach, Diaz Beach, Maclear Beach, Olifantsbos Beach.
Miller's Point Tidal Pool - Secret Cape Town - Ocean View
  • Average distance from Cape Town CBD: +/- 60km
  • Average time to get there: +/- 90 minutes