Craving a taste of authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine right here in the Mother City – Look no further than the extraordinary Damascus Restaurant.

Damascus Restaurant Cape Town

Situated in the heart of Sea Point lies one of Cape Town’s most remarkable hidden culinary gems – Damascus Restaurant. From the moment you step foot inside this incredible Middle Eastern Restaurant and halal Shisha Lounge, it will instantly feel like you’ve escaped to a whole new world entirely – all while being right at the centre of the Cape Town’s vibrant inner-city.

Damascus: Origin & Inspiration

Damascus Restaurant Cape Town

Right at the heart of Damascus Restaurant is the exceptional, driven, and wildly passionate Syrian born chef, Muhammad Modrek. Every dish prepared by Chef Muhammad Modrek will not only exceed any and all expectations you may have, but tantalize and awaken your taste buds to a whole new thrilling flavor-filled culinary world as you’re taken on a unique and exciting journey of indulgent Middle Eastern Cuisine, with every bite leaving you wanting more.

All of the food prepared by Chef Muhammad is not only purposefully selected, meticulously crafted, intentionally created, perfectly executed, and thoroughly thought through to even the finest of details, but embodies a certain sacred nuance as every dish he prepares pays homage to his roots in Damascus. In addition, the name of the restaurant is another great and sacred way Muhammad pays tribute to his roots and one of the oldest cities in the world – Damascus. This undoubtedly adds an extra special touch to an already bucket-list worthy dining experience!

To further add to Chef Muhammad’s culinary praise and expertise, he was both schooled and trained as a Chef in his home city before the war broke out. He then proceeded to work at several prestigious restaurants and hotels both in his home city of Damascus and abroad.

In his mission to continuously expand his expertise and introduce as many people as possible to the incredible world of Middle Eastern Cuisine, Chef Muhammad draws influence and inspiration from all parts of the Middle East to provide each and every guest and diner with an unforgettable culinary experience.

To say dining at Damascus is beyond spectacular, deeply immersive, incredibly authentic, and unlike anything you’ve experienced before, even in Cape Town’s vast, varied, and thriving culinary scene, will be doing it a major dis-service, because at its core, dining at the Middle Eastern Restaurant and halal Shisha Lounge of Damascus is so much more than that.

The Damascus X-factor

Damascus Restaurant Cape Town

While the Damascus X-factor is something so ethereal and transcendental, you’ll undoubtedly feel it from the moment you arrive. In addition to the down-right indulgent and sensational cuisine, along with the magnificent and uniquely authentic space, designed to transport diners straight to the Middle East – so much so that it’ll feel like you’re right in the heart and soul of Damascus itself – this pristine Cape Town restaurant embodies so much more – True heart, soul, and an unwavering passion.

Upon arrival, guests and diners are greeted by the owner of Damascus itself, Mr Liaket Sonday, who welcomes absolutely EVERYONE with upon arms, a warm and friendly demeanour, and a big smile on his face – making you feel right at home from the second you arrive to the moment you leave.

Mr Sonday, together with Chef Muhammad, regularly tells the tails of how he and Muhammad formed a wonderful alliance that only continued to flourish and thrive with time. He sees himself as the financier with Muhammad being the brains behind it all. Muhammad talks passionately about his life in Syria and how it contrasts to his life in Cape Town. He talks about his struggles, the hurdles he faced, and how one single leap of faith taken by Mr and Mrs Sonday meant that he could finally realize his dream and is now able to see his passion and vision unfold before his very eyes and become a reality in more ways than one.

It is this very realization of a life-long dream, unbelievable passion, delight, excitement, and pride, not only in absolutely every aspect of the Restaurant itself, but their heritage and paying homage to their Damascus roots, that adds that extra intangible magical touch to an already spectacular dining experience – It is something you won’t experience anywhere else but right here at Damascus!

The Food

Damascus Restaurant Cape Town

Damascus boasts an incredible and vast array of sensational, mouth-watering, authentic, and creative Middle Eastern and Syrian cuisine and dishes, each of which is cooked to absolute perfection by an extremely talented and passionate team of Chefs and cooks, all for your culinary enjoyment and satisfaction. Trust us, when dining at Damascus, your pallet will definitely not be disappointed in the slightest.

It is said that each dish at Damascus is prepared as an art piece, bursting with the most unique and absolutely amazing flavors, spices, fresh ingredients, passion, and love.

All that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy absolutely everything this Middle Eastern culinary gem has to offer and revel in every glorious second while you’re at it.

Syrian Tea & Coffee

Immerse yourself in a true Syrian experience with Damascus’ delicious tea and coffee offerings. Authentically prepared and served in true style and elegance with flavor profiles that bring Syria to Cape Town.

Damascus Restaurant Cape Town
Damascus Restaurant Cape Town

The Damascus Shisha

Great smoke consistency, flavor & presentation – That’s what the famous Damascus shisha’s are best known for.

Damascus prides themselves on stocking the most popular hookah flavours & ensure your coals are topped up as needed.

Damascus Restaurant Space & Atmosphere

Damascus Restaurant Cape Town

Damascus has a charming atmosphere and charismatic appeal with a relaxed Shisha Lounge – Providing guests with a truly unforgettable dining experience that is every bit as authentic and unique as the restaurant itself.

Mr Sonday prides himself on the fact that all fixtures and fittings in the restaurant were supplied and fitted by community members. He did not have to look too far out of his circle as the “talent exists among us” as he put it.

By the look of the finish, one can see that no expense was spared with regards to the overall design, furnishings, and fixtures of the restaurant. The layout of the restaurant space is exceptionally beautiful, elegant, and beyond all, inviting. The furniture is high-end and plush, with the restaurant boasting the most remarkable art work, one-of-a-kind wall art and design elements, and an unbelievable color scheme that ties it all together in the most magnificent way – It truly is a sight to behold!


Photo credit: Damascus

That’s not all! There is this vibrant and lively Arabic feel and overall atmosphere to Damascus that will have you completely captivated from the second you arrive – Trust us, you won’t be able to resist it (nor would you want to), you’ll be forever hooked and enthralled, making you want to return to this incredible Sea Point Middle Eastern Restaurant and halal Shisha Lounge again and again. And therein lies only a small part of Damascus’ charm!

Damascus is essentially an everyone-is-welcome family restaurant, however it’s the perfect place for a romantic date night with your partner, as well as the ideal lunch and dinner spot for those looking to expand their culinary palate and experience something new. In addition, the restaurant is also able to host small and intimate functions in an area that can be closed off from the main restaurant – Making it great for intimate gatherings, celebrations, and get-togethers with family and friends.

As mentioned, there is also an authentic Sheesha Lounge where you can sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the surroundings and culture as you enjoy your hookah flavor of choice.

Damascus Information & Details

  • Location: Mount Curtis, 305 Main Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town

  • Trading Hours: Monday – Thursday: 11:00 - 23:00 | Friday: 14:00 - 23:00 | Saturday – Sunday: 09:00 - 23:00 | Public Holiday: Hours may vary

  • Website: www.damascus-cpt.co.za

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