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Cape Lion E-Rides

About Cape Lion E-Rides

Cape Lion E-Rides is a Cape Town based eco-adventure company offering electric bicycle (e-Bike and e-MTB) rentals and guided tours. With a passion for cycling and local travel, Cape Lion E-Rides gives you the opportunity to explore the Western Cape and all of its renowned landmarks, attractions, historical sites, and hidden gems in one of the most exciting ways – on an electric bicycle!

Adventuring through Cape Town on an e-Bike is an immersive, inclusive, and incredibly fun experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Why e-Bike?

*Never has exploring the world, or, in this case, the beautiful and vibrant city of Cape Town, on two wheels been so easy. The beauty of an e-Bike is that you are able to experience cycling without limitations. Your pedalling power is boosted by a small, yet capable electric engine and rechargeable battery, both of which are integrated into the bicycle. Although you still need to do some pedalling, Cape Lion E-Rides’ revolutionary step-through pedal-assisted e-Bikes helps you go much further with far less effort.

*The power of an e-Bike ‘levels the cycling playing field’! One of the main concerns people have about going on a bicycle tour is the fear of not being able to keep up. e-Biking eliminates this entirely! It ensures that everyone’s pace is equally matched, giving all riders the opportunity to enjoy the journey together and revel in the joy and excitement of this shared experience.

*One of the best things about e-Biking is that it is for absolutely EVERYONE! Whether you’re a die-hard adventure seeker or someone who’s just looking to explore Cape Town in a new and exciting way, e-Biking encourages people from all walks of life, including those who thought their pedalling days were long over, to get out there, get moving, and explore to your heart’s desire.

Cape Lion E-Rides

*Going on an e-Bike tour as opposed to a regular bicycle or bus tour gives you the opportunity to tick something thrilling off your Cape Town bucket-list as well as immerse yourself in an authentic and immensely enjoyable experience. With the benefit of motor-assist, e-Biking eliminates the worry of whether you’re fit enough to ‘make it’ and allows you to simply sit back, pedal along and focus on the pure delight and excitement of the adventure.

e-Biking is not a struggle, it’s a pleasure, and Cape Lion E-Rides are beyond elated to share their love of cycling and exploring the wonders of the Western Cape with as many people as possible!

*e-Bikes are brilliant for the environment too! As rapid urbanisation and global warming continues to have devasting effects on our planet, eco-tourism has become increasingly important.

Be part of the e-revolution by renting one of Cape Lion’s e-Bikes or going on one of their exciting e-Bike guided tours!

Who can e-Bike?

No prior cycling experience needed

Anyone fit enough to take a moderate walk

Minimum age requirement 14 years+ with cycling experience

Solo riders | Small + large groups

Cape Lion E-Rides invites everyone to join in on the e-Bike fun and games! e-Biking requires no prior cycling experience or extreme level of fitness. It is suitable for anyone who is able to ride a bike and fit enough to take a moderate walk – that means you too! Their step-through electric bicycles are safe, comfortable, and suitable for individuals of almost all ages. They even have child seats and trailers available so that you can bring your whole family along for the ride!

The minimum age requirement is 14 years+ with cycling experience. Toddlers and kiddos are allowed to ride with an adult secured either in a child seat (9 to 22Kg) or in a child trailer (seats two, max 34 Kg). Rider heights of 158 cm – 185 cm and a max weight of 150 Kg are accommodated.

Cape Lion caters to small and large groups (with an average group size of 2-4 people and a minimum of 2 people) as well as any solo travelers and adventurers looking to explore the diverse city of Cape Town on a unique cycling experience. They also offer a variety of corporate and team cycling activities.

The e-Bikes

Cape Lion E-Rides

Cape Lion E-Rides’ e-Bikes are top-of-the-range, premium quality, EU-certified, electric Pedelec bicycles which have been engineered to the highest EU specifications. These high-end pedal-assist step-through e-Bikes makes going on a bicycle tour of the city enjoyable and accessible for individuals of all fitness and experience levels.

Cape Lion E-Rides also offers an incredible range of electric mountain bikes (e-MTB) for keen adventurers and thrill-seeking explorers. Their e-MTBs are non-step-through and range from hybrid to full suspension e-MTBs.

All of Cape Lion’s e-Bikes and e-MTBs are fitted for comfort and safety and every experience is tailored to each guest/rider’s preferences.

Cape Lion e-Bike Tours & Experiences

Cape Lion E-Rides

Cape Lion E-Rides offer a wide variety of unique and exciting guided tours as well as private e-Bike and e-MTB rentals for those wanting to explore the Mother City independently.

Rent an e-Bike or e-MTB

Renting one of Cape Lion’s e-Bikes or e-MTB gives you the opportunity to design your own sightseeing adventure tour through Cape Town. Cape Lion offers a variety of e-Bikes, e-MTB, and classic road bicycles to choose from. Their extensive selection ranges in power, rate, speed, size, design, and functionality, ensuring there’s something to suite every novice and expert rider.

How to rent an e-Bike:

  1. WhatsApp: Send a WhatsApp to 076 455 9428 at least one hour before you want to ride
  2. Send your details: Send through your name, telephone number, and the number of e-bikes you want
  3. Await confirmation
  4. Collect your e-Bike/e-Bikes from the pick-up point: 30 Main Road, Hout Bay, Cape Town | Monday – Sunday from 8am – 4pm

Visit the Cape Lion E-Rides website to find out more about their e-Bike and e-MTB rental rates, accessories, and terms and conditions.

Besides collecting your e-bike from the pick-up point mentioned above, an e-Bike Pick-up / Drop-off service is available. Delivery of e-Bikes within 10kms of Hout Bay is completely free of charge. A fee of R175 one-way will be charged for e-Bike pick-ups and drop-offs within 10km of Cape Town CBD. If you happen to be outside of the aforementioned radius, an extra R12,53 p/km is payable.

Cape Lion e-Bike Guided Tours

Explore the Western Cape like you never have before by going on one of Cape Lion E-Rides’ full day or half day e-Bike guided tours. Take in the breath-taking views of the Cape Peninsula, marvel at the beauty of the Cape Winelands, explore the vibrant and diverse inner-city, immerse yourself in the authentic culture of the charismatic coastal town of Hout Bay, or discover the unapologetic natural beauty and bio-diversity of Cape Town’s National Parks on the ultimate e-Bike adventure – the choice is yours! Cape Lion e-Rides’ incredible variety of e-Bike and e-MTB guided tours ensures there’s something for every adventurer and keen explorer to enjoy.

While Cape Lion has an amazing variety of guided tours on offer, all of their tours are fully customizable, undoubtedly making them a step above the rest. This means every e-MTB and e-Bike tour and experience can be tailored to suite your preference.

Besides offering an unbelievable selection of customizable e-Bike tours, guests can expect the best of the best when it comes to Cape Lion E-Rides’ highly experienced, remarkably passionate, and vastly knowledgeable guides. From the ins-and-outs of every e-Bike, e-MTB, and classic bicycle to the unique bio-diversity, diverse landscapes, history, heritage, hidden gems, vibrant cultural diversity, scenic surroundings, and beautiful destinations that make up Cape Town and the Western Cape, these exceptional Cape Lion guides know it all!

These expert guides offer you the utmost peace of mind when navigating the roads and trails of each tour by ensuring your safety and comfort at all times, all while providing you with a fun, exciting, entertaining, and once-in-a-lifetime adventure experience.

Important things to note when going on a Cape Lion guided tour:

  • Cape Lion E-Rides’ Safety First Policy requires all riders to wear a helmet while obeying the rules of the road and riding in single file.
  • Before departing on a guided tour the guide will brief all riders on the various safety matters and ask riders to complete an indemnity agreement before departure.
  • Should you have any health concerns, consult your doctor before booking an e-Bike tour.
  • Riders should wear comfortable shoes and clothes when going on an e-Bike or e-MTB tour. It is highly recommended that you pack/take along a light windbreaker or rain jacket – The Cape isn’t known as the Cape of Storms for nothing. Not to mention Cape Town is known for its unpredictable and ever-changing weather conditions.

Here are Cape Lion E-Rides’ guided e-Bike and e-MTB tours


Swipe through the gallery to see all the incredible Cape Lion E-Ride Tours on offer



With such an incredible variety of tours on offer, it can be difficult to pick just one. We asked Cape Lion E-Rides which e-Bike tour is best suited to individuals or groups that are looking to explore Cape Town, but are not necessarily die-hard thrill seekers or adventurers at heart:

“All of our e-Bike tours are fully customisable, however if you’re looking to explore Cape Town and surrounds at a leisurely pace, our favorite experience at the moment is the e-Bike & Picnic Tour. This experience can be guided or unguided depending on your preference.

The e-Bike & Picnic Tour takes visitors over the renowned Chapman’s Peak Drive (one of the most magnificent marine drives in the world) from Hout Bay to the beautiful coastal town of Noordhoek to enjoy breathtaking views and a delicious picnic on the lawns of Cape Point Vineyards. This tour is both relaxed and fun and is the perfect combination of sights and snacks!”

Alternatively, we asked which e-Bike tour is best suited to those looking to add more adventure and thrill to their experience:

“If you are looking for an exhilarating and thrilling e-Bike adventure, our ‘Around The Cape’ e-MTB tour is absolutely perfect for you! This e-MTB tour is an exciting roundtrip that takes you through Hout Bay, Noordhoek, Silvermine and Constantia, covering around 50 km + 1000 hm.  It is the ultimate way to explore and discover the beauty of the Cape Peninsula.”

What can you expect from Cape Lion E-Rides in the future?

We asked Cape Lion E-Rides if there are any new e-MTB or e-Bike tours, initiatives or experiences locals and travelers, explorers and adventurers can look forward to in the near future. Or if there are any specific e-Bike tours or experiences they are currently focussing on. And there certainly is!

“Close to home in Hout Bay, we are focusing on promoting our e-Bike & Picnic Tour. We feel that this is one of the most incredible, relaxing, and enjoyable ways to see and experience Hout Bay, Chapman’s Peak and Noordhoek. In these difficult and unprecedented times, cycling and outdoor dining both offer visitors a way to have an unforgettable experience, while still practicing social distancing.”

With regards to the future, there definitely is a lot to look forward to!

“At Cape Lion, we have something exciting going on for every season. From taking guests to the West Coast National Park to experience the renowned Cape Town flower season to introducing adventurers to unknown mountain biking trails in the Grabouw/Elgin area – There are tons of exciting things to come! Those interested in finding out more about the amazing tours and experiences we are launching throughout the year; you can sign up for our newsletter.”

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