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Situated northwest of Cape Town is a place famous for sandboarding — the Atlantis Dunes. The sand dunes can be found just 6.8 kilometers from the center of Atlantis. The Atlantis Sand Dunes is an important conservation area protecting the Atlantis Aquifer which supplies water to the Atlantis area. It is also home to various plant species and birds such as the Black Harrier. It boasts soft white sand dunes up to 35 meters long, and 50 meters high, which makes it ideal for the relatively new yet very popular extreme sport of sandboarding.

Things to do

Any physically fit person can enjoy sandboarding because it is suitable for both beginners and experienced adventurous individuals. These sand dunes are also perfect for other adventure sports like quad biking and 4×4 handling.

Adventure operators based in Cape Town run sandboarding, quad biking, 4×4 handling, and other activities in the Atlantis Sand Dunes. These operators offer experienced guides to teach you the best techniques in order to minimize falling and maximize the fun. They also offer excellent equipment to guarantee a safe and exhilarating downhill adventure. Strict regulations apply to tourist activities, as the sand dunes are a conservation area. This is in line with the objective of keeping tourism and conservation in harmony.

Surfing on the Atlantis Sand Dunes

There are only a few dunes of this type around the world. It’s a prime adventure location. Sandboarding is the most fun way of exploring the dunes, but you can also embark on a 4×4 experience.

It’s best to book an adventure through a certified specialist. Because the Atlantis Sand dunes is part of a conservation area, you don’t want to cause damage to the area by improper 4×4 or quadbike usage. Every visit will be unique, as the winds chop away at the landscape, reshaping the dunes almost every day. The amazingly pure white sand creates a mesmerizing picture.

If you are not keen to try sandboarding, you can simply book a 4×4 trip to hunt down the perfect Instagram moment on the Atlantis Sand Dunes. You can also learn how to drive your own 4×4 on the sand dunes.

Atlantis Dunes Cape Town - Thrasher 4X4 - Secret Cape Town

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Atlantis Dunes Cape Town - Sandboarding - Secret Cape Town
Atlantis Dunes Cape Town - Thrasher 4X4 - Secret Cape Town

Take on the Sand

Sandboarding Cape Town has branched out their offerings. They offer two sandboarding packages. The Ultimate 4×4 Sandboarding experience includes a 4×4 drive to the dunes, as well as trips up and down the dunes as you cruise down in style. Training and safety tips will get you ready to make the most of your two hour experience. Bookings are made for a minimum of 2 people, or the system will show you where there are groups you can join.

Cost: R800 per person

**Please note that the price excludes a sandboarding activity fee which you purchase yourself on arrival to the dunes | Sandboarding Activity Fees: Adult 18yrs and older = R68 | Kids aged 3 to 17yrs, pensioners over 60 yrs and students with valid student cards = R42

The Classic Sandboarding experience is 2.5 hours long, but with this option you need to walk up and down the dunes on your own. With the training and safety tips you will be a sandboarding expert in no time! A minimum of 2 people to make a booking, or the system will show you where there are groups you can join.

Cost: R500 per person

**Price excludes a sandboarding activity fee which you purchase yourself on arrival to the dunes.

The ATV Quad Biking experience is a self-drive guided quad ride on 250cc automatic bikes along the Atlantis dunes for an hour. Suitable for kids 12 years and older. Alternatively a younger child can ride along with a guide. A minimum of 2 people to make a booking or check to join a group.

Cost: R850 per person

Sandboarding Cape Town offers Private 4×4 Sandboarding experiences. This 90-munite sandboarding adventure includes a 4×4 drive in and out the dunes, top safety and training tips to make the most of your experience, a 4×4 lift to the top of the dunes and repeated trips up and down the dunes as you sandboard your way down. A minimum of 3 people is needed to make a booking.

Cost: R1400 per person | Price includes all permits

If you’re looking to tick the ultimate Atlantis Dunes sandboarding experience off your Cape Town adventure bucket-list, Sandboarding Cape Town’s Full Combo Package is perfect for you! This thrilling sandboarding package includes:

  • Classic Sandboarding – 80mins 
  • Quad biking – 30 mins
  • Dune Thrasher ride – 10 mins

The Full Combo Package is a total duration of 2 hours and a minimum of 4 people is needed to make a booking.

Cost: R2200 per person | All permits are included in the price

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    The Dune Thrasher experience is perfect for adrenalin junkies! Although it’s only 10 minutes of bouncing around in the V8 air suspension American Sandrail, it will be the ultimate off-road adventure of your life. Think of it as the Off-Road Rollercoaster of the Dunes. If you’ve ever been on a rollercoaster, you know that time mysteriously slows down and this will feel like a rollercoaster on steroids! In total the experience is 30 minutes long including a briefing, the driving, and a photo stop in the dunes.

    Dune Thrasher Extreme Ride: Cost: R1200 per person | Minimum of 2 people to make a booking

    Dune Thrasher Relaxed Ride: Cost: R850 per person | Minimum of 3 people to make a booking

    Atlantis Sand Dunes Cape Town - Thrasher 4X4 Big - Secret Cape Town

    Alternative Atlantis Sand Dunes Experiences

    Their Atlantis Dunes 4×4 Training Course was the winner of the best 4×4 trail 2019. The one hour course will teach you the basic 4×4 driving skills to master the Atlantis dunes in your own vehicle. First you will learn how to prep your 4×4 for driving on the dunes. Next, the do’s and don’ts of driving in sand, the safety and conservation rules of the dunes, how not to get lost, as well as other general tips for a more enjoyable experience before testing out your skills. Please note, this is not a recovery course. Bring along your own air compressor. A minimum of 4 people to make a booking, or minimum payment of R2000

    Cost: R500 per person or vehicle.

    The Quick 4×4 Drive & Photography experience will take you on an hour long exploration of the amazing white sand dunes of Cape Town. You will be driving in a unique 4×4 vehicle with special rails for passengers to stand and hold on. Perfect for an unforgettable Instagram adventure. You can ask the driver to stop when you see the perfect photo opportunity. Get out and feel yourself wrapped up in the vastness of the Atlantic Sand Dunes. A minimum booking of 3 and maximum booking of 8 people.

    Cost: R500 per person

    Sandboarding Cape Town also offers transport to and from the dunes, within a 30km radius of the city, at R300 per person. For four or more the price drops to R250 per person. But there is a minimum charge of R900 per transport, for three people or less.

    Visit to book now.

    **Note: Take your own cooler box or refreshments along as there are no shops at the dunes

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