15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

The month of June marks the start of Cape Town’s wonderful winter season. Despite popular belief, winter in the Mother City is every bit as magnificent, magical, and exciting as all of Cape Town’s other seasons.

Known as one of the Mother City’s best kept secrets, winter in Cape Town is when the city shows off an entirely different side of what it has to offer – Thereby giving visitors, avid travellers, globetrotters, eager adventurers, holidaymakers, and absolutely everyone in between the opportunity to experience the glorious city of Cape Town like you never have before.

Here are the top 15 things to do in Cape Town in June.

What to do in Cape Town in June

To ensure you have the absolute best time, we’ve put together a list of some of the top things to do in Cape Town in June – All of which should be added to your ultimate Cape Town winter bucket-list right away!

#1 Go surfing, kitesurfing or kiteboarding

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

We’re kicking off our list of top things to do in Cape Town in June with a bang – not to mention slightly unexpected! Did you know that winter in Cape Town is deemed the BEST season for surfing & thrilling ocean adventures? Well, now you do!

Cape Town is a year-round hotspot for watersports of all kinds, and this is absolutely no different during the city’s winter months – In fact, it only gets BETTER! While Cape Town’s summer season may be perfect for sunbathing and blissful sun-kissed beach days, sand castle building, swimming, and surfing too, winter in Cape Town is when the waves REALLY come out to play. The bigger waves, wind conditions, and warmer ocean temperatures during Cape Town’s winter season, ranging from June – September, transforms the Mother City into the ultimate surfing, kitesurfing, and kiteboarding mecca for locals and travelers alike.

The experienced surfers of the Cape know that when the strong winds of the summer die down, the biggest and best winter swells are an absolute beauty and thrill to ride. In fact, surf season actually only truly begins at the start of winter in Cape Town.

With such a thrilling variety of local surfing hotspots to choose from, avid and eager surfers flock from all around the world to experience Cape Town’s winter wave magic first-hand. However, if you’re not a top-notch surfing professional, don’t fear, Cape Town has you covered. The fact that its home to so many amazing surfing beaches, ranging from beginner to advanced, means that absolutely EVERYONE can join in on the Cape Town winter surfing fun and games.

Have a look at our ‘Top 5 Coolest Surfing Beaches in Cape Town’ blog for everything you need to know about Cape Town’s coolest local surfing hotspots and to find the one best suited to your surfing skills and experience level.

For more experienced surfers, the Cape of Storms puts on an impressive display of heart-pounding swells during Cape Town’s winter months, which is bound to get your surf-loving heart racing. A popular spot for beginner and intermediate surfers is the laid-back town of Muizenberg.

Besides surfing, winter in Cape Town is also perfect for other ocean adventures and water sports like kitesurfing and windsurfing.

#2 Go wine tasting in the Cape Winelands

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

In Cape Town, any time is wine time – Which undoubtedly makes exploring and tasting your way through the Western Cape winelands one of the best things to do in Cape Town in June.

Home to the largest, and certainly the most unique, wine producing region in Africa, the Western Cape is any wine lover’s dream come true. Besides its highly acclaimed and award-winning wine collection, the Cape Winelands is known for its incredible wine routes, exciting food and wine pairing combinations, pristine wine tasting experiences, and world-renowned culinary pursuits. Providing you with everything you could possibly want and need to enjoy a memorable day in the magnificent Cape Winelands.

Even if you’re not a die-hard wine enthusiast at heart, you’ll undoubtedly fall head-over-heels in love with the stunning Cape Winelands’ scenery, remarkable vineyards, captivating charm and allure, and of course the unique way the Western Cape celebrates, loves, and cherishes their vast assortment of exceptional wines.

Not to mention sharing the unforgettable experience with friends and family – There truly in nothing quite like it!

**Bonus: One of the best things about going winter wine tasting in the beautiful Cape Winelands is that several of the Western Cape’s Wine Estates and Wine Farms have fireplaces to keep guests and avid wine lovers warm and loving every second of their Cape Winelands experience.

Here are some of the most popular & renowned wine routes in the Western Cape:

  • Stellenbosch wine route
  • Wellington wine route
  • Franschhoek wine route
  • Helderberg wine route
  • Breedekloof wine route
  • Constantia wine route
  • Durbanville wine route
  • Elgin Wine Route
  • Little / Klein Karoo wine route
  • Tulbagh wine route
  • Darling wine route
  • Walker Bay wine route
  • Cape Agulhas wine route
  • Cape Point wine route
  • Olifants River Valley wine route
  • Paarl Vintners wine route
  • Robertson wine route
  • Swartland wine route
  • Worcester wine route

Check out our ‘10 of the best wine tasting experiences in Cape Town’ blog for all your wine tasting pleasure.

…wait, there’s more!

If you’re feeling wildly adventurous and extra daring (and not too bothered by the cold – or willing to risk a bit of chill for a bucket-list worthy Cape Winelands experience) you should absolutely go on the famous, and dare we say legendary, Franschhoek Wine Tram. 

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

Going on the iconic Franschhoek Wine Tram is by far the best, and certainly the most exciting, way to experience everything the majestic Franschhoek wine valley has to offer. From its spectacular mountain range and vineyard landscapes, stunning views, and world-renowned Wine Estates, to the region’s gloriously unique and exceptional array of award-winning wines, the Franschhoek Wine Tram offers guests an unforgettable hop-on-hop-off Cape Town winelands adventure.

It goes without saying that taking a trip on the Franschhoek Wine Tram is a NOT-TO-BE-MISSED experience for ALL avid local and global wine lovers. Even if you’re not much of a wine enthusiast, the experience itself is beyond worth it – trust us!

The Franschhoek Wine Tram offers approximately 8 different routes / lines to choose from with each route including anywhere from 6 – 10 Franschhoek wineries that you’ll get to visit. Click here to find out more about the various Franschhoek Wine Tram lines / routes.

  • Location: Franschhoek Square, 32 Huguenot Road, Franschhoek, Western Cape
  • Contact details: 021 300 0338 | [email protected] | www.winetram.co.za
  • Tickets: You can book the tickets online here| Or visit their website for more information and everything you need to know
  • Click here to find out more about ticket pricing, bookings, hop-on-hop-off tour tips, and all other need-to-know information.

We’re not done yet! The month of June in Cape Town is also known for its amazing variety of wine festivals. Check out our ‘Wine Festivals in Cape Town 2023’ blog for some exciting not-to-be-missed wine festivals you absolutely have to attend.

#3 Go hiking & outdoor exploring

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

Calling all nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and avid hikers – Its winter in the Mother City, which means its officially time to strap on those hiking boots and get ready to venture into the great Cape Town outdoors!

Did you know that winter / the month of June in Cape Town is known as the ‘Green Season’? It marks the time of year when all the beautiful Cape flora come out to play and the vast Mother City landscapes transform into a glorious lush green paradise. This makes it the perfect time of year to get out there, explore the glorious outdoors, and discover all of the Western Cape’s stunning natural wonders and beautiful, yet equally thrilling, hiking trails.

Let’s be honest, there’s absolutely no better (or more fun or exhilarating) way to explore the Mother City’s unapologetic natural beauty and incredible biodiversity than by going on one of Cape Town’s many exciting hikes. This undoubtedly makes going on an exciting hiking adventure one of the best things to do in Cape Town in June.

**Bonus: The milder, cooler temperatures mean you get to experience a lot more of what Cape Town’s hiking scene and stunning surrounding scenery and landscapes has to offer – Giving you the opportunity to tick a whole bunch of Cape Town’s best hiking trails off your hiking bucket list – what a WIN-WIN situation. Besides the Mother City’s lovely mild and cooler winter temperatures, you also have a greater chance of seeing majestic waterfalls rushing down the mountain during this time of year.

There is no denying that Cape Town’s winter months are filled with magic, discovery, and unforgettable experiences around every corner – There’s a certain atmosphere of stepping into a different world as the crisp air refreshes everything and the plants glisten with dew, while the birds flutter from flower to flower.

#4 See the Big 5 at Inverdoorn

As the Mother City’s winter season isn’t quite in full swing just yet, June is the perfect time of year to explore the great Cape Town outdoors and tick a few incredible experiences off your bucket-list, starting with a trip to the highly sought-after Inverdoorn to see the real Big5 in action.

Inverdoorn is regarded as the most premium Big5 safari destination in the Western Cape. Home to the incredible Big5, the African buffalo, lion, black rhino, elephant, the elusive leopard, as well as the Cape Cheetah, a trip to Inverdoorn is by far one of the top things to do in Cape Town in June. Visitors to Inverdoorn can also look forward to seeing an abundance of other wildlife species as well as an equally prolific and vast range of bird life.

There is no denying that Inverdoorn is the ultimate African escape located right here in the Western Cape. With the largest selection of wild game in the region, boasting over 1,200 wild animals, it’s no surprise that people travel from all corners of the globe to witness, explore, and experience Cape Town’s wild side. It promises to be an extraordinary Cape Big5 experience you won’t soon forget.

#5 Visit the Zeitz MOCAA Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

Calling all art and culture lovers! Named the ‘Best overall Cultural Destination of the Year’ at the 2018 Leading Culture Destination Awards, as well as one of TIME Magazine’s Top 100 destinations, the Zeitz MOCAA Museum of Contemporary Art Africa is one of Cape Town’s top attractions and most sought-after art and culture destinations for locals and tourists alike.

The Zeitz MOCAA is renowned for showcasing one of the grandest displays of contemporary African art in the world. There are over 100 galleries situated within this museum, all of which are dedicated to displaying art from more than 50 African artists. Besides the Zeitz MOCAA’s glorious art display, it is home to an endless variety of artistic and cultural gems just waiting to be admired and discovered by you.

If you’re a head-over-heels art and culture lover, and even if you’re not, visiting the iconic Zeitz MOCAA Museum of Contemporary Art Africa is one of the top things to do in Cape Town anytime of the year.

Free Access:

  • Free entry for under 18s on presentation of ID.
  • Stop by on any day during your birthday month (Tuesdays – Sundays), show your valid South African ID or African passport reflecting your birth date and your day of fun at the museum will be entirely free.
  • Free entry every Wednesday from 10am to 1pm for all African citizens on representation of your South African ID or African passport.

#6 Take a sunset drive along Chapman’s Peak Drive

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

Named one of the most magnificent marine drives in the world, taking a drive along the picturesque Chapman’s Peak Drive should be on everyone’s bucket-list. Affectionately known as ‘Chappies’ by Cape Town locals, this captivating coastal road ribbons along the Atlantic coastline between Hout Bay and Noordhoek. Besides showcasing some of the most sensational panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll pass rugged mountains, picturesque white-sand beaches, and vibrant fishing harbours on your way.

If you’re looking to experience something extra special, a sunset drive along Chapman’s Peak promises to sweep you off your feet and capture your sunset-loving heart all at the same time. It isn’t known as one of the best sunset spots in Cape Town for nothing.

**If you’re eager to add some adventure and thrill to your Chapman’s Peak Drive experience, here are a few things to look out for:

**Tip: Chapman’s Peak Drive is known for its amazing hidden gems scattered along the route. Two of which include the waterfall walk and the secret Look-out Cave.

The waterfall walk is perfect for nature lovers and adventurers and is found just before you reach the toll gate on your way towards Noordhoek.

The Chapman’s Peak Look-out Cave is not only one of its most beautiful hidden gems, but one of Cape Town’s top secret caves and best sunset spots too. Like all of the Mother City’s best kept secrets, you may need to wander a little off the beaten path to find it. Make your way along Chapman’s Peak Drive until you reach the famous Chapman’s Peak Lookout Point – This is where the real adventure begins!

Positioned just below the pass, you’ll have to climb over the railing and carefully make your way down the mountainside to reach the Lookout Cave. Once you’ve reached this cool secret hideaway and stunning sunset spot, it’s time to sit back, relax and soak it all in. The sheltered sand-stone cave boasts the perfect view over Hout Bay and Atlantic Ocean. An extra bonus is that it has enough space to enjoy a picnic and a few sundowners paired with one hell of a view.

Besides these two must-visit secret spots, there are a variety of look-out points and picnic sites located at various points along the drive. Chapman’s Peak Drive is also known as one of the best places to spot the beloved members of Cape Town’s Marine Big 5. Make sure to keep a look-out for Cape Fur Seals, Dolphins, Southern Right Whales, and African Penguins.

** Important note: Chapman’s Peak Drive may be closed during severe weather, or because of road maintenance. Contact the customer service line (021 791 8220) or visit their Facebook page or website to check the current status.

  • Location: M6 | Chapmans Peak Drive, Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town
  • Best time: Best during daylight hours | Particularly beautiful at sunset
  • Cost: Chapman’s Peak Drive is a toll road, and as such requires as toll tariff fee. Each category of vehicle pays a different tariff and the tariff is applicable in each direction.
  • Toll Details: Click here to find out more about the Chapman’s Peak Standard Toll Tariffs | Click here to find out more about Chapman’s Peak Day Passes | Click here to find out more about Chapman’s Peak Frequent User Benefits

#7 Go Whale Watching

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

Winter in Cape Town is the best time of year to see Southern Right Whales. This undoubtedly makes going on a whale watching adventure one of the top things to do in Cape Town in winter.

Every year, between June and November, Southern Right Whales journey to the Cape shores to mate and calve, giving locals and travelers the incredible opportunity to witness these majestic ocean beings in their natural habitat. The Cape Whale Route is a 900-kilometre-long stretch of coastline that extends from Strandfontein near Muizenberg to Plettenberg Bay in the Southern Cape, giving you ample destinations and opportunities to enjoy incredible whale sightings.

Whether you choose to witness them from the shoreline, the perfect ocean view sunset spot or up close and personal on a boat-based whale watching ocean adventure, it promises to be a bucket list worthy experience.

**Tip: Where are the top spots & destinations for whale sightings in and around Cape Town:

  • False Bay Coastline: A great place to enjoy incredible whale sightings is along the vibrant False Bay coastline, with Simonstown being one of Cape Town’s best whale watching hubs. Opt for the higher vantage points along the False Bay coastline such as Cape Point, Boyes Drive between St James and Kalk Bay, and Clarence Drive between Gordon’s Bay and Rooi Els. During peak whale-watching season, you might even be lucky enough to spot them close-up if you take the train trip from Muizenberg to Simon’s Town.
  • Hermanus: Hermanus is rated as one of the top 12 whale-watching locations in the world by the World Wildlife Fund. If you’re looking to experience the REAL deal when it comes to whale watching in the Western Cape, a visit to the whale capital of the world, Hermanus, should definitely be on your Cape Town bucket-list! Not only will visitors be able to enjoy amazing land-based viewing opportunities, with the whales coming within metres of the shoreline at times, Hermanus boasts some great whale-watching viewing terraces at the Old Harbour and Gearings Point. There are also a variety of boat-based whale watching adventures available if you’re looking for something a little more thrilling. If you’re eager to fully immerse yourself in the Hermanus whale experience, be sure to visit this top Western Cape whale spot during the first week of October when the seaside town hosts an annual whale festival.
  • Cape Agulhas: Another top whale watching spot in the Western Cape is the Cape Agulhas. Up to 50 pairs of southern right cows and calves have been known to frolic in the ocean waters near the southernmost tip of Africa. If you’re looking to combine your love for the outdoors, hiking and marine life, The Whale Trail, a five-day hike along the cliffs, dunes, and beaches of the Cape Agulhas, gives you a wonderful opportunity to view these mighty mammals and their offspring while ticking an exhilarating experience off your Cape Town bucket-list.

**Other great places to enjoy spectacular Southern Right Whale sightings in Cape Town and surrounds:

  • De Hoop Nature and Marine Reserve
  • Witsand (also known as “The Whale Nursery of South Africa”)
  • The Cape West Coast: Lambert’s Bay; Strandfontein; Yzerfontein; Langebaan; Paternoster; Elands Bay; Saldanha Bay; Melkbosstrand & Doringbaai
  • Overberg region: Struisbaai; Arniston; Stanford; Betty’s Bay; Gansbaai & De Kelders
  • Cape Town: Llandudno & Hout Bay
  • Garden Route: Stilbaai; Sedgefield; Nature’s Valley

#8 Go on the ultimate sunset chasing adventure

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – It is beyond FREEZING and there is absolutely NO WAY that you’ll be going outside to watch the sunset. Well, let me tell you something, you’ll  be missing out BIG time, and in more ways than one!

Cape Town is home to some seriously spectacular sunset spots. There is no denying that the Mother City is pure sunset bliss, known for her stunning sherbet colored sunsets that set the sky alight in a beautiful celebration of colors.

Going on the ultimate sunset chasing adventure has become one of the top things to do in Cape Town all-year round. But sometimes you need to wander a little off the beaten path to find the real sunset hidden gems – That’s when the real sunset adventure begins!

**Here are our top secret sunset and overall best sunset spots in Cape Town, all of which deserve a prime spot on your sunset bucket-list:

  • Look-out Cave on Chapman’s Peak Drive | *Secret Sunset Spot
  • The Clifton Ridge Rocks | *Secret Sunset Spot
  • Lions Head
  • Table Mountain
  • Signal Hill
  • Llandudno Beach
  • The ‘Sunset Rock’ | *Secret Sunset Spot
  • Diaz Beach | Cape Point | *Secret Sunset Spot
  • Kloof Corner
  • Bloubergstrand Beach

Check out our ‘Best sunset spots in Cape Town’ blog for everything you need to know about Cape Town’s magnificent and magical sunset spots.

#9 Enjoy a cool Cape Town market day

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

The Mother City is at the very top of her market game. This makes visiting one of her vibrant markets one of the best things to do in Cape Town anytime of the year, including during her wonderful winter season. Besides being a fun-filled day out exploring the city, the fact that Cape Town is home to such a unique variety of markets makes going on the ultimate market adventure that much more exciting. From fresh local produce, tasty treats and home-baked delights to art, crafts, thrifts, live music, and one-of-a-kind finds, Cape Town’s markets truly have it all!

Here are some of our favourite Cape Town markets:

  • Bay Harbour Market | Hout Bay
  • The Oranjezicht City Farm Market | Granger Bay, V&A Waterfront
  • Earth Fair Market | Tokai
  • Watershed at the V&A | V&A Waterfront
  • Franschhoek Village Market | Franschhoek
  • MOJO Market | Sea Point
  • Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill | Woodstock
  • Old Biscuit Mill | Woodstock
  • Elgin Railway Market | Grabouw
  • ROOT 44 Market | Stellenbosch
  • Cape Point Vineyards Market | Noordhoek
  • Noordhoek Farm Village Market | Noordhoek
  • Blaauwklippen Family Market | Stellenbosch

#10 Visit Cape Point

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

If you’re keen to go on an exciting winter road-trip or tick an epic adventure experience off your Cape Town bucket-list, a visit to the renowned Cape Point is perfect for you! Located approximately 60km south west of the city of Cape Town, at the very tip of the Cape Peninsula, Cape Point is the ultimate destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

One of the perks of visiting Cape Town in winter is that it is Cape Town’s low season. This means fewer crowds, less traffic, and no long queues, making it the perfect time to visit some of Cape Town’s top attractions and natural wonders like Cape Point. That, combined with the fact that winter in Cape Town is known as the ‘Green Season’, means the glorious Cape Point Nature Reserve will be beautifully green, thriving and worth every second of exploring.

Situated within the renowned Table Mountain National Park, a declared Natural World Heritage Site, Cape Point is located approximately 60km south west of the city centre, at the very tip of the Cape Peninsula. Boasting jagged mountain peaks rising from the deep blue, plunging cliffs, an abundance of wildlife and a rich biodiversity and endemic Fynbos, it is a true nature lover’s paradise. Besides its unapologetic natural beauty, one of the best things about Cape Point is the fact that it offers visitors so much to do, see and experience – Making for the ultimate Cape Town winter adventure!

Top things to do at Cape Point:

  • Go hiking. Cape Point boasts some of the most thrilling hiking trails in the Western Cape. Have a look at our ‘Best Cape Point Hiking Trails’ blog to find out more about its beautiful and exhilarating hiking trails and nature walks.
  • See the old Cape Point lighthouse.
  • Take a ride on the famous Flying Dutchman Funicular.
  • Embark on a cycling adventure.
  • Go fishing (you will need a permit).
  • Go surfing.
  • Take a refreshing dip in one of its picturesque tidal pools.
  • Witness its abundance of wildlife, birdlife, and marine life.
  • Explore Cape Point’s rich biodiversity, stunning scenic surroundings, and vast natural landscapes. From jagged mountain peaks rising from the deep blue, towering more than 200 metres above the sea, and plunging cliffs to a spectacular display of wildflowers and endemic Fynbos scattered about, Cape Point is a remarkable natural wonder and National Park.
  • Visit the Cape Point food shops and curio shops.
  • Discover one (or all) of Cape Point’s secret beaches, all of which are largely unspoilt and untouched. Four of Cape Point’s stunning secret beaches include Buffels Beach, Diaz Beach, Maclear Beach, Olifantsbos Beach.

Besides it’s wild unapologetic natural beauty and magnificent panoramic views, Cape Point offers visitors so much to do, see and experience. From thrilling hiking trails, nature walks, fun-filled family friendly activities, an abundance of wildlife, birdlife, and marine life to exhilarating adventure experiences, tons of hidden gems, tidal pools, picturesque secret beaches, the old Cape Point lighthouse, and the famous Flying Dutchman Funicular, Cape Point has it all!

**Tip: Some of Cape Point’s most beautiful secret beaches include: Buffels Beach, Diaz Beach, Maclear Beach and Olifantsbos Beach.

#11 See a screening at the Labia Theatre

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

The Labia Theatre is the oldest Independent Art-Repertory Cinema in South Africa, showcasing the best off-circuit, independent movies, foreign films, documentaries, classics, and other alternative as well as art circuit films. This makes the famous Labia Theatre the epitome of old-school cinema at its very best and any old-school movie buff’s dream come true.

Even if you’re not much of an old-school / classic cinema lover, you’ll undoubtedly fall head-over heels in love with the iconic Labia Theatre and everything it has to offer.

Besides its original and authentic theatre experience, the Labia Theatre Cinema boasts a cosy coffee bar which offers home-made delicacies, a chocolate bar serving sweets, chocolates and popcorn, an outside garden terrace as well as a fully licensed bar to keep visitors and guests entertained throughout the night. In fact, the Labia Theatre is the only cinema where you can sit back, relax, and sip on a drink from the bar all while watching a classic movie screening. This Undoubtedly makes a visit to the Labia Theatre one of the top things to do on a cold day in Cape Town. In fact, this incredible and unique cinema experience can be enjoyed right throughout the year.

  • Location: The Labia Theatre | 68 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town
  • Show times: Subject to the movie
  • Contact details: 021 424 5927 | [email protected]
  • Website: www.thelabia.co.za
  • Operating hours: Open daily from 11am until the end of the last screening at approximately 11pm
  • Click here to find out more about the Labia Theatre as well as all the screenings on offer

#12 Spend the day at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

If you’re a head-over-heels nature lover, a visit to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens should definitely be right at the top of your Cape Town bucket-list. The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens is acclaimed as one of the great botanic gardens in the world. It has also won the highly esteemed ‘International Garden of the Year’ award, and to be honest, very few gardens can compare to the sheer grandeur of the setting of Kirstenbosch. This not only makes Kirstenbosch gardens one of the best gardens to visit in Cape Town, but one of its most magnificent natural gems too!

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

Located right at the base of Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch is one of the most incredible displays of indigenous natural beauty you’ll find anywhere in the city. It forms part of the Cape Floristic Region, also known as the Cape Floral Kingdom, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Cape Floristic Region is the world’s smallest, yet most diverse, floral kingdom. It is one of only six floral kingdoms in the world and is the only one that occurs entirely in one country. Here you’ll find a glorious diversity of fauna and flora entirely indigenous to Cape Town. Kirstenbosch covers an area of 528 hectares filled with more than 7,000 plant species, 2,500 of these from the Cape Peninsula.

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

Besides its vast natural beauty and top Cape Town garden status, Kirstenbosch offers visitors an endless variety of things to do and see. Not to mention some exciting adventure experiences!

Here is a sneak-peak of what you can expect on your visit to Kirstenbosch:

  • Calling all wildlife and bird lovers! Kirstenbosch is home to over 125 bird species, making it any bird enthusiast’s dream come true. You will also encounter several reptiles, frogs, and invertebrates as well as amphibians such as the Chirping Frog, the Cape River Frog, and the critically endangered Table Mountain Ghost Frog.
  • Avid hikers can enjoy a variety of hiking trails and walking routes. The Kirstenbosch estate can be explored via five trails of differing levels of difficulty. All are well-maintained, logged footpaths or gravel roads and are sign-posted. The Braille Trailand Boekenhout Trail are ideal forest walks for those pressed for time and the not so fit. The Stinkwood Trail is a relatively short exploration of the oldest part of the forest with some of the largest trees. The Yellowwood Trail and Silvertree Trail are long hikes that take you up to the waterfall and around the estate, through both forest and fynbos. It is also possible to climb Table Mountain from Kirstenbosch, up Nursery Ravine or Skeleton Gorge.
  • Kirstenbosch boasts a variety of beautiful garden areas, including the Botanical Society Conservatory, art at the Sculpture Garden, and the Protea Garden, to mention just a few.
  • For avid adventurers and thrill seekers, there are tons of hidden gems, secret spots, caves, waterfalls and so much more to be discovered and explored – so get ready for an adventure!
  • Beautiful, lush lawns and large shaded trees perfect for picnics and kiddies ruuning around.
  • The famous Centenary Treetop Canopy Walk, also known as the ‘Boomslang’, has fast become a fan-favourite Kirstenbosch attraction for both the young and young at heart. The Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway is a curved steel and timber bridge that winds and dips its way through and over the trees of the Arboretum. The Walkway takes visitors from the forest floor into and through the trees and bursts out above the canopy, boasting spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and Garden.
  • The cyad amphitheatre which features life-size models of dinosaurs – this is a real winner with the kids!
  • Kirstenbosch also has a variety of restaurants to and curio shops.

#13 Enjoy a wonderful day at the V&A Waterfront

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

The famous V&A Waterfront is one of Cape Town’s most vibrant and highly sought-after attractions come rain, shine, or wind.

Why not spend the day with family and friends enjoying and exploring everything the lively V&A Waterfront has to offer? Located in the heart of Cape Town, the V&A Waterfront is known as the ultimate hub of art, entertainment, culture, history, adventure, food, shopping, and everything in between.

To take it to the next level (the windy level that is), especially if you consider just how wildly intense and incredibly fierce the Mother City’s windy ways / untamed and unpredictable wind conditions can be, visiting the iconic V&A Waterfront is without a doubt one of the top things to do on a windy day in Cape Town. This is in large part due to the V&A Waterfront typically being wind-free. AKA The V&A Waterfront enduring very little wind, if any. How incredible and down-right thrilling is that?

Besides being the leading retail destination in the city, the V&A Waterfront is home to some of the most incredible restaurants, bars, hangout spots, eateries, and food markets in Cape Town. All of which can be thoroughly enjoyed at any time, during any season, right throughout the year.

If you’re looking to add an extra dose of thrill, adventure, and excitement to your Waterfront day, here are some of the most exciting, exhilarating, fun, and bucket-list worthy things to see, do and experience at the V&A Waterfront:

  • Take a ride on the famous Cape Wheel – Its tons of fun for the whole family!
  • Enjoy a boat tour
  • Have some fun at the Scratch Patch
  • Visit the Clock Tower – One of the V&A Waterfront’s most iconic historic landmarks
  • Enjoy a game of Cave Golf
  • Visit the Springbok Experience Rugby Museum
  • Explore the Silo District & Zeitz MOCAA Museum of Contemporary Art Africa
  • Visit the Two Oceans Aquarium
  • Let the kids take a ride on the Hamleys Express
  • Visit the Chavonnes Battery Museum – Dating back to 1725 it is the harbor’s oldest heritage site
  • Enjoy a self-guided walking historical tour, which starts at the Information Centre, or embark on a 90-minute guided tour that departs daily from the Chavonnes Battery Museum at 11am and 2pm
  • Check out the Robinson Dry Dock – One of the oldest operating dry docks in the world
  • Brush up on your marine history at the Iziko Maritime Centre
  • Visit Nobel Square, which boasts bronze sculptures of South Africa’s Nobel Peace Prize winners
  • Visit the V&A Food Market and the Watershed at the V&A
  • Enjoy amazing up-close Cape Fur Seal sightings – These beloved members of the Marine Big 5 can be spotted while simply strolling along the V&A Waterfront harbor. You can also find them at the Clock Tower Precinct and on old tires lining the quayside.
  • Enjoy incredible live performances – Talented local musicians and bands, street side buskers, and performing art groups regularly perform at various locations and stages throughout the Waterfront.

Visit the V&A Waterfront’s website to find out more information.

#14 Enjoy an exciting theatrical dining experience at StarDust

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

The trendy Cape Town neighbourhood of Woodstock is home to this uniquely wonderful, one-of-a-kind theatrical restaurant – StarDust! With incredible, get-up-on-your-feet, can’t resist the beat musical and theatrical performances by profoundly talented young local performers, dancers, and singers – most of whom are total triple threats – paired with an array of sensational Mediterranean dishes, and a lively and vibrant atmosphere – You are in for the mother of all treats at StarDust Theatrical Dining!

Oh, did we mention that these remarkable musical and theatrical performers double as your waiters too? That just blew your mind didn’t it? All the more reason to get your friends and family together and make a booking at this cool inner-city theatrical dining restaurant / epic musical and dining destination right away.

What makes this already enjoyable, vibrant, and wildly entertaining experience even more fun, is the fact that absolutely everyone in attendance is encouraged to join in on the lively festivities – including the dancing & singing! So, don’t be shy, sing your heart out, get moving and grooving, and most of all – have an absolute BLAST!

  • Location: StarDust Theatrical Dining | 118 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town
  • Contact details: 021 462 7777 | 072 414 6522 | [email protected]
  • Website: Click here to find out more about StarDust Theatrical Dining & to make your booking ASAP!

#15 Take a drive along the Cape West Coast

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

Time for a Cape Town west coast roadtrip! Cape Town’s west coast is home to some of the most authentic and charming coastal towns, each offering something unique and exciting to explore and experience. Besides beautiful beaches, stunning nature reserves, and captivating fishing villages, the Cape west coast boasts some of the best local seafood in the entire Western Cape. And that’s merely scratching the Cape West Coast surface!

Considered somewhat of a Cape Town hidden gem, the Cape West Coast is jam-packed with unapologetic natural beauty, a treasure chest of secret spots and hidden treasures and some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. It will almost feel like you’ve escaped to a whole new world entirely all without really leaving the city at all.

Taking a trip up the Cape west coast should undoubtedly be on everyone’s Cape Town bucket-list. Not to mention it’s the perfect fun-filled adventure for the whole family.

**Bloubergstrand, Langebaan, Paternoster, Jacobsbaai, Saldanha Bay, Elands Bay, and Yzerfontein are just some of the west coast gems you should visit. Have a look at our ‘Top 5 Places to Visit on the Cape West Coast’ blog to find out more.

Cape Town weather in June

15 Things to do in Cape Town in June

Despite popular belief, Cape Town’s winter weather and climate is one of the most astonishing things to encounter. You didn’t see that one coming did you? In fact, one of the Mother City’s main allures is her stunning year-round mild Mediterranean climate, and this certainly applies to her beautiful winter season too. Compared to most winters in other cities and countries, locals and travellers can look forward to enjoying lovely laid-back winter days for the most part.

Here is a quick overview of June’s weather conditions and overall climate. HOWEVER, it is important to note / remember that these statistics are a general estimate and are thus subject to change.

  • The average maximum daytime temperature in Cape Town in June lies at 1°C (62.78°F), rarely falling below 13.18°C (57°F) or exceeding 22.2°C (72°F).
  • Daily low temperatures range between 4°C – 8°C – These temperatures are typically experienced at night.
  • June experiences an average rainfall of 129mm (5.1 inchec). There are generally around 10 rainy days during the month of June, however this number does fluctuate.

Although winter in Cape Town coincides with its peak rainy season, and overcast skies, sudden downpours, and chilly evenings are all part of the Cape Town winter season package, the Mother City certainly has a few sunny surprises up her sleeve too. The glorious, exciting, keep-you-on-your-toes city of Cape Town is known to experience sudden spurs of warm sunshine-filled days, some of which can be enjoyed right in the dead of winter. This means locals, visitors, avid travellers, and holiday-goers will have the amazing opportunity to enjoy the sunny side of Cape Town life during Cape Town’s winter season too. How lucky are you?

**There is only one thing to keep in mind – While Cape Town’s incredible year-round mild Mediterranean climate is undoubtedly one of its main allures and the reason (one of many of course) why people just can’t get enough of this top-rated travel destination, it’s weather patterns definitely have a mind of its own and certainly beats to the rhythm of its own drum.

Now, it may sound like an odd reason, but everyday in Cape Town is a surprise when it comes to its year-round weather patterns, winter included. One day it will be cloudless and warm, while another day will be rainy and cold, and some days you will even find that the weather changes from spectacular and sunny to gloomy and dreadful in the blink of an eye – what can we say, Cape Town is known for its unpredictable ‘lucky-packet’ weather patterns after all, and this is certainly no different during its wildly wonderful winter season. It’s a rollercoaster ride to say the least, no doubt about it, but gosh, what a fun and exhilarating ride it is!

Best Regions

  • Cape Town’s whale watching season starts in June when the gentle ocean giants migrate north to warmer climates. Sightings are best in False Bay, Gansbaai, and the town of Hermanus, also regarded as the whale capital of the world. Hermanus is located about one hour from Cape Town.
  • Robertson in the Cape Winelands hosts a popular wine festival at the start of the month called the Wacky Wine Weekend. In fact, June is one of the best, if not THE best, months in Cape Town to attend a vast and wonderful variety of Wine Festivals. T
  • Did you know that winter in Cape Town is deemed the BEST season for surfing & thrilling ocean adventures? Cape Town is a year-round hotspot for watersports of all kinds, and this is absolutely no different during the city’s winter months – In fact, it only gets BETTER! While Cape Town’s summer season may be perfect for sunbathing and blissful sun-kissed beach days, winter in Cape Town is when the waves REALLY come out to play. The bigger waves, wind conditions, and warmer ocean temperatures during Cape Town’s winter season, ranging from June – September, transforms the Mother City into the ultimate surfing, kitesurfing, and kiteboarding mecca for locals and travelers alike. Experienced surfers of the Cape know that when the strong winds of the summer die down, the biggest and best winter swells are an absolute beauty and thrill to ride. In fact, surf season actually only truly begins at the start of winter in Cape Town.