Explore Sideways: An Immersive Tours Experience

Cape Town is an adventurer’s dream come true! If you were to do one new thing every day for a year, you would still not be able to work through all the awesome activities. From hiking a mountain, to exploring street art, to sipping wine with an epic view, the options are truly endless.

But where do you start? And how do you know what will be worth your time? By using the services of an immersive, luxury tour company, you can make the most of your time in the Mother City. Instead of simply following the masses of tourists to all of the popular spots, you can delve deeper into what the city has to offer you.

Explore Sideways: A Different Perspective on Cape Town

Explore Sideways was created by passionate wine and food lovers.  While wine and food remains their biggest passions, they have expanded their services to include everything from adventure to art and culture and more. Drawing on years of personal exploration of the city, they have created an insider’s map to all of the hidden gems.

With Explore Sideways, every experience is personally curated to make sure that memories are created for a lifetime. Fill your trip with a balance of adventure and immersive local food exploration, or spend a day out in the winelands, a short drive away from the city. From the well-known wine estates, to the little hidden boutique wine farms – you choose what you want to explore.


What Kind of Tours Does Explore Sideways Offer?

If tasting wine is not quite high on your to-do list, why not book an adventure or wellness experience? Or how does an arts & culture outing sound to you? Tick off a few items from the Bucket List tours, or indulge in a Romantic Getaway. They also offer family-friendly adventures.

Your  expert tour consultant will create an extraordinary private experience, keeping your personal interests and preferences in mind. The specialist guide accompanying you on your tour will offer you insider information to further enhance your experience. From a sunset horse ride through a charming vineyard to an adrenaline-filled zipline through imposing ravines – Explore Sideways can offer it all.

How Do You Explore Sideways?

By venturing off the beaten track, you can see a completely different side of Cape Town. Sure, you should definitely ascend Table Mountain, soak up the vibe of the V&A Waterfront, and maybe visit the penguins of Boulder’s Beach, but the city has so much more to offer you!

Instead of trying to unravel the secrets of the city on your own, trust the Explore Sideways team of food, wine and cultural insiders to point you in the right direction. Every experience is handcrafted with integrity, passion, and expertise, using Cape Town’s finest tour guides selected based on your tour and preferences.  


How to Book an Explore Sideways Tour

The first step is to tell Explore Sideways a bit more about your tour needs. Fill in the handy online form with more information about yourself such as the purpose of your travelling, whether it’s your first time visiting Cape Town, and your general interests.

Alternatively, you can simply browse through their tour options and select the experiences that you are most interested in. Tours range from a few hours to a whole day experience, or a multiple day tour itinerary.

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From R2 000 to R15 000

Immersive tours of Cape Town and surrounding areas, customized to your personal preferences and needs.

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