Go Exploring On An E-Bike Tour In Cape Town

Cape Town is full of endless adventure options! If you are looking for a way to explore the Mother City from a unique angle, why not try an electric bicycle tour? E-bikes are the latest exciting trend in Cape Town. With a Cape Town e-bike tour you can cover more ground without feeling exhausted.

Explore Cape Town on an E-Bike

When you drive through the streets of Cape Town, you can take in the scenery. But when you cycle through Cape Town on an e-bike, you can feel part of the city on a whole new level. Whether you are exploring the urban jungle or the rugged nature of the Mother City – an e-bike tour of Cape Town will offer you a more in-depth experience.

The great benefit of an e-bike, is that you don’t have to be super fit to enjoy the thrills of cycling through Cape Town. With an electric bicycle you can see more of Cape Town, without worrying about an uphill, or long distance tiring you out before your adventure ends.

Bicycle Tour Cape Town - Bike Tour - E-Bike Tour

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What Is An E-Bike?

An electric bicycle or e-bike has a compact electric motor integrated into the hub of either the front or back wheel. The motor can also be fitted to the bike’s center and connected to the pedal sprocket. This places an e-bike somewhere between a standard bicycle and a motorbike.

Unlike a motorbike, the little motor won’t do all the work for you, you still have to pedal the e-bike in the same way you would a standard bicycle. But it gives you the oomph you need when your legs become a bit tired, or the uphill becomes too long.

E-bikes are powered by rechargeable batteries. The distance you can travel on a single charge will depend on the size of the battery. You can travel between 25 to 32 km/h on a sturdy e-bike. Speeds allowed are determined by the country’s laws, keeping it within the classification of e-bike and not motorbike. This also means that you can hire an e-bike for a tour of Cape Town without worrying about needing a motorbike licence to ride it.

E-Bike Tours in Cape Town

Your e-bike exploration options in Cape Town are almost endless! A few popular destinations include the Sea Point Promenade, running all the way into the V&A Waterfront. You can also explore the outstretched Waterfront on an e-bike. Or travel to the other side of the mountain from Sea Point, heading for Camps Bay via the coastal road.

Chapman’s Peak is another perfect spot for a Cape Town e-bike tour. It has been called one of the most scenic drives in the world. The winding route hugs the side of the mountain, offering you mesmerizing cliffs on the one side, and the vast Atlantic Ocean on the other. You can also stop along the way for a picnic to take in all the magnificent views.

With the extra energy left in your legs, why not explore the Hout Bay area on your nifty electric bicycle? It lies on the other side of Chapman’s Peak drive. The residents of this area are extremely proud of their beautiful corner of the Cape. They even created the informal Republic of Hout Bay.

Towards the West Coast you can explore the other promenade running from Table View to Blouberg. Travel further up the West Coast to enjoy the unspoilt beauty of this area. If you want to travel outside the city, why not do a Stellenbosch e-bike tour? You can even squeeze in a few visits to the magnificent wine farms of the region.

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Best E-Bike Tours in Cape Town

E Bike Tour Cape Town

Here’s our list of recommended electric bicycle tours in Cape Town. Whether you want to only do a quick trip around the city centre, or you are keen to do a whole day outing, there’s something for everyone.

E Bike Cape Town offers tours in Hout Bay, Chapman’s Peak, the West Coast, and Table Bay. They use giant electric bicycles for their tours, with robust wheels to handle the off-road terrain.

Cape Town eBike Tours have mountain bike tours in the Durbanville area. Explore the Suburban single track route through the neighbourhood, or pop in at a vineyard.

You can hire one of the GoNow Electric Bicycles to create your own tour. They have both regular e-bikes and the more robust fat wheeled type for off-road exploring. Try out their night time tour, heading to the Waterfront from their shop in Sea Point.

Venture South has created a unique tour to explore the Cape Town coastline, the City Centre, and the Bo Kaap (Cape Malay Area). The tour includes up to five food stops, with unique South African food tastings such as Koek Sisters, Boerewors, and Biltong.

E Bike Tour Cape Town

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from R250 per hour to R950 per tour

Explore Cape Town with an e-bike

A unique perspective on the city, offering you a truly immersive experience of the  Mother City.

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