Secret Cape Town Admin Manager – Step 2

Please complete the tasks below as the second step in applying for the Secret Cape Town admin manager role.

Successful candidates from this stage will be asked back for an interview.

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Section 1: Personal Details

Please enter these again so we know is completing the tasks.


Section 2: Task Prioritization and Allocation

Instructions: You have been given a list of tasks that need to be completed by your team members. Organize and allocate these tasks efficiently to ensure all tasks are completed on time. Consider each team member's role, strengths, and current workload.

Team Members:

  • Alice: Financial Analyst
  • Bob: Administrative Assistant
  • Charlie: Customer Service Representative
  • Diana: IT Specialist

Tasks to be Allocated:

  1. Prepare Monthly Financial Report (Due in 3 days)
  2. Organize Team Meeting (Due in 2 days)
  3. Respond to Client Inquiries (Ongoing, urgent)
  4. Update Company Website (Due in 5 days)
  5. Generate Quarterly Budget Forecast (Due in 7 days)
  6. Schedule Maintenance for Office Equipment (Due in 4 days)
  7. Create Customer Satisfaction Survey (Due in 6 days)
  8. Set Up New Employee Workstations (Due in 2 days)
  9. Review and Process Supplier Invoices (Due in 3 days)
  10. Prepare Presentation for Upcoming Board Meeting (Due in 5 days)
  11. Conduct IT Security Audit (Due in 10 days)
  12. Organize Office Files and Documents (Due in 8 days)
  13. Assist in Planning Company Event (Due in 14 days)
  14. Update Financial Records in Xero (Ongoing)
  15. Provide Technical Support to Staff (Ongoing, urgent)


Ensure that all tasks are allocated based on the team members' roles and that high-priority tasks (e.g., urgent or due soon) are completed first. Make sure to balance the workload to avoid overburdening any single team member.

Tasks & Team Members(Required)
Please use one line per task. It is up to you how you lay this out. Therefore you should have 15 tasks by the end.
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