Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town
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Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town 2023

Easter is right around the corner and we’re just as excited as you are!

Taking place on Sunday the 9th of April 2023, the glorious Easter weekend is literally right around the corner – and trust us, there is NO Easter weekend quite like a Cape Town Easter weekend – straight up fact!

Plus, let’s be honest, there is no better time (or place) for an exciting weekend escape and / or wonderful and well-deserved getaway or break-away to Cape Town than over the long Easter weekend! With so much to do, see, explore, and experience, both for the young and young at heart, you definitely won’t regret a single second of spending your Easter weekend with us here in Cape Town.

To ensure you have the time of your life, here are some of the most fun, exciting, and top things to do on Easter in Cape Town with the whole family.

#Spend the day in Muizenberg

Surf’s up, salty-hair and sandy-feet is Muizenberg to a T.

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

While this may be slightly different from your traditional Easter celebrations, perhaps that’s exactly why you should do it! Located along the vibrant False Bay coastline, approximately 27km (around 30 minutes) away from the Cape Town City Centre, Muizenberg Beach’s laid-back beach vibe, surf’s up approach to life, and vibrant energy has made it one of Cape Town’s coolest coastal towns and top places to visit on any Cape Town trip – and that includes Easter weekend too.

One of the many things that makes Muizenberg one of the most highly sought-after and not-to-be-missed Cape Town destinations and attractions, especially among head-over-heels beach lovers at heart, is that it boasts one of the best and top blue-flag swimming beaches in Cape Town. This makes it the perfect beachy escape for enjoying a lovely laid-back beach day with the whole family this Easter weekend in Cape Town.

That’s certainly not all this stunning seaside town has to offer! From tons of thrilling water-based activities, exciting adventure experiences, several scenic locations, sensational seaside dining, and SO much more, Muizenberg has it all!

Now it’s time to experience it ALL for yourself this Easter weekend in Cape Town!

Here are some of the best things to do in Muizenberg this Easter in Cape Town:

  • Enjoy a beautiful and blissful beach day with the whole family
  • Learn to surf the cool Muizenberg waves like a pro! Fun fact – Muizenberg Beach is actually known as the South African surfing birthplace – how amazing is that! This not only makes Muizenberg’s famous Surfer’s Corner one of the top surfing spots for avid local and international surfers, but the BEST place for eager beginners and aspiring young surfers to learn how to surf in Cape Town too.
  • Check out Muizenberg’s renowned, vibrant, cool, and colourful beach huts / bathing boxes.
  • Take a walk along the beautiful and exciting Muizenberg Catwalk.
  • Go and explore the Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve and everything it has to offer – Perfect for die-hard nature enthusiasts.
  • Go swimming at the Muizenberg pool.
  • Walk / hike the Muizenberg Circular Walk.
  • Enjoy a variety of thrilling water sports such as stand-up-paddle-boarding, kite-surfing, wind-surfing, blokarting, free diving, snorkelling, fishing and so much more.
  • Visit the The Het Posthuys & Rhodes Cottage Museum.
  • Go whale watching from Boyes Drive.
  • Go to Casa Labia.
  • Visit Mzoli’s Place – This is an authentic not-to-be-missed experience.
  • Enjoy a walking tour of Muizenberg.
  • Visit, enjoy, and explore the famous Muizenberg Blue Bird Garage Market.
  • Embark on an exhilarating hike up Muizenberg Peak.

To find out more about all of Muizenberg’s incredible and vast variety of activities, experiences, and adventures, check out our ’15 Top Things To Do In Muizenberg’ blog.

#Go on the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

Of course we had to add taking a ride on the renowned Aerial Cableway to the top of the tall-standing mountainous giant of the Mother City skyline and one of the New7Wonders of Nature to our list of top things to do on Easter in Cape Town with the whole family. Going on an Aerial Cable Way ride up Table Mountain is by far one of the most exciting and sought-after experiences and things to do in Cape Town – in fact, it may just be at the top of the charts.

To make it even better, this exhilarating activity and aerial cableway journey to the Table Mountain summit can be enjoyed by absolutely EVERYONE! One thing is for certain, going on an Aerial Cableway ride up Table Mountain is a beyond memorable experience and thrilling adventure you’ll absolutely never forget. What are you waiting for? Book your Table Mountain Aerial Cableway ticket right now from WebTickets.

#Take a trip to Cape Point

Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town - Cape Point

Taking a fun-filled family trip to the wildly sought-after Cape Point is by far one of the best things to do this Easter weekend in Cape Town. Located approximately 60km south west of the city of Cape Town, at the very tip of the Cape Peninsula, Cape Point Nature Reserve is one of Cape Town’s most magnificent natural wonders and topattractions.

Boasting beautiful green hills, a rocky coastline, rising peaks, plunging cliffs, a rich diversity of fauna and flora, amazing marine life, stunning secret beaches, endless adventure experiences, incredible nature walks, thrilling hiking trails, and unparalleled panoramic views, Cape Point is the ultimate mecca for nature lovers, avid explorers, travelers, and adventure seekers. With so much to do, see, explore, and experience, visiting the beautiful Cape Point is by far a not-to-be-missed experience on any trip to Cape Town.

For everything you need to know about Cape Point, including some of its best adventure experiences and hiking trails, check out our ‘Top 5 Things to do at Cape Point’ and ‘Best Cape Point Hiking Trails’ blogs!

#Go Hiking!

Hiking Table Mountain Route On Lions Head

Yes, we know what you’re probably thinking ‘who wants to go hiking during their Cape Town Easter weekend getaway? They must be crazy!’, well, the better question to ask is who DOESN’T want to go hiking during their Cape Town Easter weekend getaway? Point is, going hiking in Cape Town is an absolute MUST!

The Cape Town hiking scene is thriving, thrilling and like nothing you’ve experienced before. Plus, there is no better way to explore all the scenic beauty, landscapes, mountain ranges, fauna and flora, and natural gems the Mother City has to offer than by going on the ultimate hiking adventure.

To top it off, Cape Town boasts an extensive and exhilarating variety of hiking trails to choose from, catering to all fitness and experience levels – This means no excuses!

Here are some of the top hiking trails in Cape Town:

Lion’s HeadDevil’s Peak Hiking TrailChapman’s Peak
The Pipe TrackTranquillity Cracks Hiking TrailJonkershoek Nature Reserve
Kloof CornerNursery Ravine Hiking TrailKrom River Trail
Platteklip Gorge Hiking TrailWoody Ravine Hiking TrailWaterfall Hike
Kasteelpoort Hiking TrailIndia Venster Hiking TrailLittle Lion’s Head
Skeleton Gorge Hiking TrailConstantia Corner Hiking TrailLion’s Head Loop Hiking Trail
Suicide Gorge Hiking TrailConstantia Nek to KirstenboschTable Mountain Contour Path
Maclear’s BeaconTygerberg Nature ReserveCape Point Hiking Trails

To add a bit more thrill to Cape Town’s already exhilarating hiking scene, here are a few exciting overnight hiking trails avid hikers can look forward to.

If you’re a beginner hiker looking to experience and explore some of Cape Town’s best and beautiful hiking trails, the Mother City has an incredible array of hiking trails for you too (even if you’ve never hiked a day in your life). Here are some of the best Cape Town hiking trails for beginners that you should absolutely add to your Cape Town hiking adventure bucket list.

Wait, there’s more! If you’re a head-over-heels sunset lover, here are some of the best sunset hikes in Cape Town – Cape Town is known for its sensational sherbet-coloured sweep-you-off-your-feet sunsets after all. To top it off, we’ve got the kiddos covered too with an amazing variety of kid friendly hikes and walks in Cape Town. Now absolutely EVERYONE can join in on the Cape Town festive season hiking fun and games!

Whether you’re a first-time hiker, eager mid-level enthusiast, or a die-hard highly experienced hiker at heart, click here for a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when going hiking in Cape Town.

#Have a picnic at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town - Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Celebrate Easter with a fun-filled family picnic in one of Cape Town’s most beautiful natural wonders, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. Pack your picnic basket full of all your favourite Easter treats and delicious snacks, a picnic blanket, some fun games to keep the kids entertained and enjoy a lovely day on the lush lawns of Kirstenbosch.

Besides a wonderful picnic paired with a stunning view of Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch Gardens offers so much more to do, see, and experience. Giving you the opportunity to add some extra adventure and excitement to your Easter day in Cape Town.

Top things to do at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens:

  • Walk along Kirstenbosch Garden’s famous Centenary Treetop Canopy Walk (also known as the ‘Boomslang’).
  • Meander through the varioustrails, paths, and routes through the garden.
  • Explore Kirstenbosch Garden’s rich biodiversity & fauna & flora.
  • Visit Kirstenbosch’s many beautiful Gardens. Some of which include the Botanical Society Conservatory, art at the Sculpture Garden, the Protea Garden, and the Cycad Amphitheatre which features life-size models of dinosaurs – this is a real winner with the kids!
  • Use Kirstenbosch as a starting point for a hike up Table Mountain – there is access to Skeleton Gorge and Nursery Ravine.
  • Keep a lookout for the vast number of birds, including breeding owls, guinea fowl, and sugarbirds.
  • Enjoy a meal at one of the various restaurants and cafés, including Moyo Restaurant Kirstenbosch and the Kirstenbosch Tea Room.
  • Take a FREE Guided Tour with a Kirstenbosch volunteer to learn incredible facts about South Africa’s famous flora.
  • Discover several of Kirstenbosch Garden’s hidden gems – An Easter egg hunt with a Cape Town twist. From secret caves and glorious waterfalls, to gurgling streams and hidden trails, there are so many secret spots to discover and explore.
  • Pick up great souvenirs and Kirstenbosch memorabilia at the on-site stores.

Important information:

  • Location: Rhodes Drive, Newlands, Cape Town
  • Operating times: Summer (September – March): Monday – Sunday, 8am – 7pm | Winter (April – August): Monday – Sunday, 8am – 6pm
  • Contact details: Ticket Office: 021 799 8782 / 021 799 8602 | Information Office: 021 799 8783 / 021 799 8773 | Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Tickets: Buy garden entry tickets online at WebTickets
  • Click here for more information regarding all the COVID-19 measures at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

#Go Sandboarding at the Atlantis Dunes

Easter in Cape Town
Photo credit: Sandboarding Cape Town

Are you ready to show off your cool sandboarding skills or fall down trying! Either way, going sandboarding at the iconic Atlantis dunes is undoubtedly one of the best, and by far the most exciting, things to do on Easter in Cape Town.

Located approximately 40-minutes from the city center, the Atlantis Dunes is the ultimate sandboarding mecca. It is also one of only a handful of sandboarding locations in the world, making it one of the most thrilling bucket-list worthy experiences in Cape Town.

Want to know the best part? People of all ages and experience levels are invited to join in on the sandboarding fun. Even if you’ve never sand boarded a day in your life, the experienced guides will be right there to help you out along the way.

Let the sandboarding fun & games begin!

#Enjoy an Easter beach day

Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town - Cape Town Beach

Why not ditch your same-old Easter plans and substitute it for some flip flops, shades, sunscreen, swimming, surfing, and sandcastle building as you enjoy the ultimate Cape Town Easter beach day with family and friends? It’s no secret that Cape Town is home to some of the most beautiful coastlines and beaches in the world. Boasting a glorious year-round mild Mediterranean climate means that a sunny blissful beach day can be enjoyed all year-round, with Easter being no exception.

Camps Bay, Clifton, Muizenberg Beach, Big Bay, Bloubergstrand, Klein Baai, Glen Beach, Beta Beach, Llandudno, Bakoven, Boulders Beach and Water’s Edge are merely a few of the amazing beaches to choose from.

#Visit the African Penguins at Boulders Beach

Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town - Visit Boulders Beach

Escape the hustle and hype of the city and visit the thriving African Penguin colony at Boulders Beach this Easter! Besides seeing the African Penguins from the African Penguin Viewing Site, you can enjoy a variety of once-in-a-lifetime experiences and adventures with them by your side. Swim, snorkel, kayak, or enjoy a laid-back beach day with these beloved members of the Marine Big 5 – the choice is yours! Now that’s an Easter experience everyone is bound to remember.

**Note: Visitors will need to pay an entrance fee (which forms part of a conservation project) to gain access to the Penguin Viewing Site and Boulders Beach. Your ticket is valid for the entire day. You can choose to exit and re-enter as it suits you (this only applies to the day your ticket was purchased).

#Go Artjamming!

Time to have some real ‘Paintertainment’ fun!

Going Artjamming is EVERY bit as entertaining, enjoyable, exhilarating, playful, and incredible as it sounds – undoubtedly making it one of the best things to on Easter in Cape Town with the whole family. Whether it’s painting, playing, sponging, or spraying, Artjamming gives you the exciting opportunity to be as wildly and wonderfully creative, bold, and free as you want to be – Unleash your fierce artistic flair onto the blank canvas in front of you and create whatever artistic masterpiece your heart desires.

Going Artjamming is by far one of the best things to do in Cape Town with kids – But who are we kidding? Its GREAT for adults too! In fact, they welcome absolutely EVERYONE – from age 0 to 100 and beyond – ensuring tons of fun for both the young and young at heart!

All Artjammers are provided with different canvas sizes, easels, a choice of non-toxic acrylic paints on tap, paint brushes, as well as an array of cool tools and everything you need to boldly, freely, loudly, and proudly express yourself creatively and artistically.

To make things even better, absolutely NO drawing or painting skills are required to join in on the Artjamming fun and games. But just in case, qualified artists are always available to assist, guide, and lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it.

  • Location: Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre | Breakwater Blvd, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town| They also have locations in Willowbridge Shopping Centre and Somerset West
  • Operating hours: Monday – Sunday, 9am – 6pm
  • Contact details: 021 425 5050 | [email protected] | [email protected]
  • Click here to visit the Artjamming website or to find out everything you need to know about this fun and thrilling experience

#Take a drive along Chapman’s Peak Drive

Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town - Chapman's Peak Drive

While most people may be used to a family Christmas drive to see the festive season lights on display, there’s no reason why we can’t apply this same beloved tradition to Easter too. While it may involve spectacular sights instead of colourful lights, the sentiment remains the same.

The Western Cape is blessed with a diverse topography, where scenic mountain passes are every bit as stunning as they are abundant. By far one of the most well-known and beautiful mountain passes in Cape Town is Chapman’s Peak Drive. Named one of the most magnificent coastal drives in the world, taking a drive along Chapman’s Peak Drive (affectionately known as ‘Chappies’ among locals), should be on everyone’s Cape Town bucket-list.

Ribboning along the Atlantic coastline between Hout Bay and Noordhoek, Chapman’s Peak not only showcases some of the most sensational views over the Atlantic Ocean, Hout Bay and beyond, but you’ll pass several rugged mountains, picturesque white-sand beaches, and vibrant fishing harbours on your way (to mention just a few of the highlights). The breathtaking views of Chapman’s Peak alone makes going on a drive along this coastal mountain pass with family and friends one of the top things to do on Easter in Cape Town. If you’re looking to make it extra special, a sunset Chapman’s Peak Drive is unbeatable!

**Extra special tip: Beautiful views is not all this sought-after Cape Town attraction has to offer. Being the glorious natural wonder that it is, Chapman’s Peak Drive boasts several amazing hidden gems scattered along the route – Call it Chapman’s Peak’s very own version of an Easter egg hunt!

Two of its hidden gems include the waterfall walk and the secret Look-out Cave. The waterfall walk is perfect for nature lovers and adventurers and is found just before you reach the toll gate on your way towards Noordhoek.  The secret Look-out Cave is not only one of Chapman’s Peak Drive’s most beautiful hidden gems, but one of Cape Town’s coolest secret caves and best sunset spots too.

To find out how to get to this bucket-list Chapman’s Peak hidden gem have a look at our ‘Top 10 Secret Caves to Explore in Cape Town’ blog and get ready for an unforgettable Easter adventure!

Besides these two must-visit secret spots, there are a variety of look-out points and picnic sites located at various points along the drive. Chapman’s Peak Drive is also known as one of the best places to spot the beloved members of Cape Town’s Marine Big 5. Make sure you keep a look-out for Cape Fur Seals, Dolphins, Southern Right Whales and African Penguins

  • Cost: Chapman’s Peak Drive is a toll road, and as such requires as toll tariff fee. Each category of vehicle pays a different tariff, and the tariff is applicable in each direction.
  • Important note: Chapman’s Peak Drive may be closed during severe weather condition or because of road maintenance. Contact the customer service line (021 791 8220) or visit their website to check the current status.

Other equally magnificent mountain passes in the Western Cape include, Bainskloof Pass, Franschhoek Pass, Du Toitskloof Pass, and Clarence Drive. Have a look at our ‘Top Mountain Passes in the Western Cape’ blog to find out more about these beautiful, must-see Western Cape passes.

#Visit Oudekraal Beach & have a braai

Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town - Oudekraal Beach
Photo credit: Jbdodane (Flickr)

Tucked away in a sheltered cove between Camps Bay and Llandudno, Oudekraal is not only one of the top beaches in Cape Town, but one of the best braai spots too. Going to Oudekraal Beach on Easter gives you the perfect opportunity to substitute your traditional Easter lunch with a delicious and authentic South African braai with family and friends. Oudekraal has approximately 40 private braai spots scattered along the lawns above the sheltered cove and sandy beach below.

Further adding to Oudekraal’s allure is the fact that it is the perfect beach for enjoying a fun-filled family beach day. The beach is surrounded by large granite boulders that keep big waves at bay, making it the ideal place to swim, especially for the little ones. The water is also calm enough for snorkelling near the shore – adding extra adventure and thrill to your Easter celebrations.

**Tip: Because of its popularity and stunning beach location, the braai spots at Oudekraal can get snatched up pretty quickly. It is important to arrive early to secure a top spot.

  • Location: Oudekraal, Victoria Road, between Llandudno and Camps Bay

#Take a stroll along the Sea Point Promenade

Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town - Sea Point Promenade

The vibrant Sea Point Promenade stretches along the Atlantic Seaboard coastline for approximately 8 – 11km between Sea Point and Mouille Point, boasting beautiful views of the ocean, mountains, and several small beaches along the way. It consists of a broad paved sea-side contour path which follows the coastline curves, and a large green lawn that separates the beachside promenade from the roadside pavement (sidewalk).

Attracting families, fitness-enthusiasts, strollers, dog-walkers, joggers, cyclists, skateboarders, rollerbladers, eager travelers, avid adventurers, and everyone in between, the Sea Point Promenade has something for everyone to enjoy.

Along the Promenade you’ll find plenty of children’s play parks on the lawns, as well as perfectly positioned benches ideal for scenic ocean-gazing and keeping an eye on your little ones while they play. Other exciting Sea Point Promenade attractions include a maze, a thrilling putt-putt course (mini golf) and a fun kiddie’s train ride located near the historic lighthouse on the Mouille Point side. You will also find an Olympic-sized swimming pool at the Sea Point Pavillion, perfect for warm summer days. Not to mention a variety of ocean and land-based experiences and adventure companies offering visitors exhilarating tours and renting options such as bicycle and e-Bikes (Electronic Bikes). There are several incredible restaurants, bars, eateries, and ice-cream shops along the Promenade for when thirst, hunger, and cravings strike!

A real highlight when strolling along the promenade is an up-close view of the renowned Green Point Lighthouse at Mouille Point. The remarkable collection of public art installations scattered along the promenade is another spectacular Sea Point Promenade treat to marvel at and enjoy.

To top it all off, the Sea Point Promenade is one of the best places in the world to watch the sunset as well as enjoy amazing sightings of Cape Town’s Marine Big 5 (dolphins, whales, mola mola sunfish, Cape Fur Seals and African Penguins). With so many incredible things to see, do and experience, visiting the Sea Point Promenade is by far one of the top things to do on Easter in Cape Town – It promises to be tons of fun for the whole family!

#Go to the West Coast National Park

Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town - West Coast National Park

It’s time for a family Easter west coast roadtrip! Why not add some wonderful West Coast magic to your festive Easter celebrations by taking a trip up the Cape West Coast to the beautiful West Coast National Park? Forming part of the South African National Parks (SANParks), the West Coast National Park is a real nature lover’s paradise. It is widely regarded as one of the best places to see the glorious Cape wildflowers during the Mother City’s spring flower season.

The West Coast National Park boasts a rich biodiversity, a variety of wildlife and birdlife, as well as several incredible secret beaches, including Kraalbaai Beach and the famous ‘Preekstoel’. This makes visiting the West Coast National park a fun and fantastic family Easter experience filled with tons of beauty and adventure all around.

**Extra tip: If you’re looking to add a bit more adventure to your West Coast National Park Easter roadtrip, stopping at some of the Cape west coast’s stunning coastal towns on your way will undoubtedly do just that. Some of the top Cape west coast gems to visit include, Bloubergstrand, Big Bay, Melkbosstrand, Grotto Bay, and Yzerfontein. If you’re looking to do some more exploring past the West Coast National Park, Langebaan, Saldanha Bay, Jacobsbaai, Paternoster, and Shelley Point should all be on your list.

  • Distance from Cape Town: +/- 90km

#Go to the Two Ocean’s Aquarium

Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town - Two Oceans Aquarium
Photo credit: Two Oceans Aquarium

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the kiddies this Easter, going to the popular Two Oceans Aquarium at the V&A Waterfront should be high up on your list. Home to several (if not all) of the Western Cape’s magnificent marine life species, incredible exhibits, and a variety of exciting experiences, visiting the Two Ocean’s Aquarium promises to be tons of fun for both the young and young at heart (trust us, you’ll instantly feel like a kid again from the moment you arrive).

Some of the Two Ocean’s Aquarium exhibits you can look forward to include: The Penguin Exhibit; Kelp Forest Exhibit; I&J Ocean Exhibit; Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Exhibit (experience up-close encounters with some of the most misunderstood species in South Africa’s oceans, such as ragged-tooth sharks, giant yellowtail, and yellowbelly rockcod); The Diversity Gallery (the Diversity Gallery aims to showcase the incredible diversity of marine life found in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans); The Touch Pool & Microscope Exhibits (this remarkable exhibit gives you the opportunity to look through a microscope and see marine life species like you never have before. Thereafter you can head to the Touch Pool and feel shells, plants, and animals in your own hands).

  • Location: Two Oceans Aquarium, Dock Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town
  • Contact details: [email protected] | 021 418 3823
  • Website:
  • Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30am – 6pm | Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays, 9am – 6pm
  • Click here to buy your Two Ocean’s Aquarium tickets online

#Enjoy a DELICIOUS ice cream from UNFRAMED

Rated best ice cream parlour in the world by Big 7 Travel!

Whether you’re young or young at heart, enjoying a cool and down-right delicious ice cream on Easter Sunday, or right throughout the Easter weekend for that matter, will forever be one of the best things to do in Cape Town and most definitely on Easter too!

Unframed is an artisanal ice cream parlour that makes their ice cream entirely from scratch using real, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients. In addition to their extensive variety of flavoursome, knock-your-socks-off ice-cream, Unframed has something for every ice cream lover at heart! Whether you’re all about the old-school classic delights or something a little more bold and daring, Unframed has the perfect ice cream flavour combination for you.

To top it off, Unframed also has a wide array of vegan and lactose intolerant ice cream options, as well as amazing fruit-based sorbets to choose from. To ensure absolutely everyone is catered for, Unframed always has an indulgent selection of at least ten rotating ice cream flavours with at least two sorbets and three vegan offerings available at all times.

Besides their flagship store in Woodstock, this cool Cape Town ice cream parlour boasts three more locations:


#Enjoy Easter at the V&A Waterfront

Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town - V&A Waterfront

Why not spend your Easter Sunday or Easter weekend with family and friends enjoying and exploring everything the vibrant V&A Waterfront has to offer? Located in the heart of Cape Town, the V&A Waterfront is known as the ultimate hub of art, entertainment, culture, history, adventure, food, shopping, and everything in between.

Besides being the leading retail destination in the city, the V&A Waterfront is home to some of the most sought-after restaurants, bars, hangout spots, eateries, and food markets in Cape Town. This means you have an endless variety of places to choose from to enjoy an incredible Easter lunch or dinner, paired with a magnificent Table Mountain and Waterfront view.

If you’re looking to add extra adventure and excitement to your day, here are some of the best things to see, do and experience at the V&A Waterfront:

  • Take a ride on the famous Cape Wheel – Its tons of fun for the whole family!
  • Enjoy a boat tour
  • Have some fun at the Scratch Patch
  • Visit the Clock Tower – One of the V&A Waterfront’s most iconic historic landmarks
  • Enjoy a game of Cave Golf
  • Visit the Springbok Experience Rugby Museum
  • Explore the Silo District & Zeitz MOCAA Museum of Contemporary Art Africa
  • Visit the Two Oceans Aquarium
  • Let the kids take a ride on the Hamleys Express 
  • Visit the Chavonnes Battery Museum – Dating back to 1725 it is the harbour’s oldest heritage site
  • Enjoy a self-guided walking historical tour, which starts at the Information Centre, or embark on a 90-minute guided tour that departs daily from the Chavonnes Battery Museum at 11am and 2pm
  • Check out the Robinson Dry Dock – One of the oldest operating dry docks in the world
  • Brush up on your marine history at the Iziko Maritime Centre
  • Visit Nobel Square, which boasts bronze sculptures of South Africa’s Nobel Peace Prize winners
  • Visit the V&A Food Market and the Watershed at the V&A
  • Enjoy amazing up-close Cape Fur Seal sightings – These beloved members of the Marine Big 5 can be spotted while simply strolling along the V&A Waterfront harbour. You can also find them at the Clock Tower Precinct and on old tires lining the quayside.
  • Enjoy incredible live performances – Talented local musicians and bands, street side buskers, and performing art groups regularly perform at various locations and stages throughout the Waterfront.

#Go on the ultimate tidal pool adventure this Easter

Going on the ultimate Cape Town tidal pool adventure promises to be filled with tons of fun, excitement, and wonderful discoveries along the way for people of all ages – Yes adults, we’re looking right at you! While the kiddos are guaranteed to have the time of their lives, trust us, you’ll be right alongside them loving every second!

Cape Town is blessed with countless tidal pools scattered along the coastline – each one as awesome as the next. In addition to being a great family-friendly adventure and one of the best things to do for free in Cape Town, it gives people a safe, secure, and wonderful place / space to swim, cool down, and have a total blast! Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love taking a refreshing dip in one of Cape Town’s many cool tidal pools – Especially on a warm summer’s day?!

Here are a few of Cape Town’s amazing tidal pools that you should add to your bucket-list right away:

  • St James Tidal Pool | Between Muizenberg and Kalk Bay in the seaside suburb of St. James
  • Miller’s Point | Simon’s Town
  • Maiden’s Cove | Between Glen Beach and Camps Bay Beach
  • Dalebrook | Kalk Bay
  • Camps Bay tidal pool | Camps Bay
  • Shelley’s Point | Glencairn
  • Milton tidal pool | Milton Beach
  • Glencairn | Glencairn Beach
  • Buffel’s Bay | Cape Point Nature Reserve
  • Soetwater | South of Kommetjie
  • Sparks tidal pool | Gordon’s Bay
  • Kommetjie tidal pool | Kommetjie
  • Saunders | Saunders Beach, between Clifton and Sea Point in the suburb of Bantry Bay
  • Silwerstroom | Silwerstroom Resort, Meklbosstrand
  • Wooley’s tidal pool | Between Kalk Bay and Clovelly
  • Monwabisi | Khayelitsha
  • Brass Bell | Brass Bell Restaurant | Kalk Bay
  • Harmony | Strand

#Visit the Cape Winelands

Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town - Cape Winelands

Spend Easter in the beautiful Cape Winelands! Home to the largest and most unique wine producing region in Africa, the Western Cape boasts some of the most renowned Wine Estates, Wine Farms, and Wine Routes in the world. Besides its award-winning wine, the Cape Winelands is known for its beautiful surrounding scenery, exciting food and wine pairing combinations, exceptional wine tasting experiences and world-renowned culinary pursuits. Providing you with everything you need to enjoy a memorable Easter.

**Tip: Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Helderburg, Durbanville and the Constantia Wine Route are merely 5 of the Western Cape’s famous wine routes. Here are 10 of the best wine tasting experiences in Cape Town for your wine tasting pleasure.

#Visit the Noordhoek Farm Village

Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town - Noordhoek Farm Village
Photo credit: Noordhoek Farm Village

The warm and welcoming vibe and easy, relaxed, everyone-is-welcome atmosphere of the Noordhoek Farm Village makes it the perfect place to celebrate Easter with the whole family. Located a mere 25 minutes from Cape Town’s city centre, the Noordhoek Farm Village is all about bringing people together to enjoy great food, and great company in a beautiful setting.

The Noordhoek Farm Village is made up of the Foodbarn (one of the only fine-dining restaurants in town that welcomes kids), Café Roux, the Toad in the Village restaurant, two pubs, the Cape’s best bakery, hand crafted ice cream, a boutique hotel, weekly live music, a wide range of shops, a fantastic children’s playground, and large open spaces for the kids to run around and have some fun. What more could you ask for? The Noordhoek Farm Village also regularly hosts a range of fun kids’ activities such as puppet and magic show, arts and crafts, and face painting.

  • Location: Corner of Village Lane & Noordhoek Main Road, Noordhoek, Cape Town
  • Operating hours: Monday – Sunday, 8am – 10pm
  • Contact details: 021 789 1390 | Visit their website

#Spend the day at the Company’s Gardens

Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town - Company's Gardens
Photo credit: Company’s Gardens

The Company’s Gardens is a nature lovers paradise right in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD. It is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a while and enjoy a memorable and fun-filled Easter with family and friends. Boasting tons of wide open spaces (perfect for kids to run around in), plenty of trees, stunning flora, several shady spots for picnics, benches, and various scenic pathways meandering through the gardens, there is so much to experience and explore.

The Company’s Gardens is also home to a rose garden, a bird aviary, water features, a restaurant, and plenty of squirrels running about. Seeing and feeding the squirrels is undoubtedly a fan-favourite activity among the kids! A pro tip is to buy a bag of peanuts for the squirrels from the vendors at the entrance.

**Extra tip: Besides being one of the best gardens in Cape Town for a fantastic day spent with family and friends, the Company’s Gardens is home to some of South Africa’s most important landmarks, including the Houses of Parliament, Iziko South African Museum and Planetarium, St George’s Cathedral, and the National Library of South Africa, to name a few.

  • Location: 15 Queen Victoria St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town
  • Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 8:30am – 6pm | Restaurant kitchen closes at 5pm.
  • Contact details: 021 423 2919 | [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Cost: Free

#Go on a City Sightseeing Red Bus Tour

Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town - City Sightseeing Red Bus Tour
Photo credit: City Sightseeing South Africa

It’s time to embark on a Red Bus Easter adventure unlike any other! Why not switch things up this Easter by going on the famous City Sightseeing Red Bus Tour with family and friends? The iconic Cape Town Red Bus is one of the best (and most exciting) ways to see, explore, and experience everything the Mother City has to offer. Stopping at several of Cape Town’s top attractions, beaches, and landmarks, it gives you the ideal opportunity to tick multiple things off your bucket-list. As the Red Bus Tour is a hop-on-hop-off experience, you can either choose to pass by a particular attraction or site or hop off and stay a while – Your Easter adventure, your choice! Once you’re done exploring, you can catch the next bus and continue your journey through the city.

There are a variety of routes to choose from, each one offering a different experience. Visit the City Sightseeing website to find out more about each route and choose the one best suited to you.

#Visit the Silvermine Nature Reserve

Top things to do on Easter in Cape Town - Silvermine Nature Reserve
Photo credit: Paul Scott (Flickr)

If you’re looking for something adventurous to do on Easter in Cape Town, visiting the Silvermine Nature Reserve is perfect for you. Located within the Table Mountain National Park, between Hout Bay and Noordhoek, the Silvermine Nature Reserve is one of Cape Town’s most remarkable natural gems. Besides it’s incredible biodiversity and stunning natural surroundings, Silvermine Nature Reserve boasts a variety of amazing hiking trails and walking routes, waterfalls, picnic and braai areas, several hidden gems and natural wonders to discover, and of course the renowned Silvermine Reservoir. The Silvermine Reservoir is a fan-favourite for cooling down when the Mother City heats up and is regarded as one of the best dams and rivers in Cape Town for swimming. 

**Tip: There is a 1km trail around the reservoir with a boardwalk that’s easily accessible for wheelchairs and prams.

**Important note: As there are no lifeguards on duty, swimming in the Silvermine Reservoir is done at your own risk.

  • Distance from Cape Town: +/- 50 minutes
  • Where to find it: Silvermine Reservoir in Table Mountain National Park (via M3)
  • Opening times: Daily, 8am – 5pm (May to August) | Daily, 7am – 6pm (September to April).
  • Contact details: 021 712 0527 | [email protected] (Table Mountain National Park)
  • Dog-friendly: Yes, but dog walkers require a Level 1 My Activity Permit | Contact Tokai Plantation Office at 021 712 7471 for more information.
  • Cost: Conservation fee (rates valid until 31 October 2020): R32 (SA citizens and residents with ID); R16 (SA children, 2 – 11 years) | R64 (SADC nationals with valid passport); R32 (SADC children with valid passport) | R128 (international visitors; standard conservation fee); R64 (international children; standard conservation fee).

#Explore & Experience everything the cool coastal town of Kalk Bay has to offer

Previously declared one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world by Forbes, the quirky sea-side town of Kalk Bay definitely lives up to ALL the hype! Located along the vibrant False Bay coastline, this ocean-front fishing village is jam-packed with tons of hidden gems & one-of-a-kind finds, cool surfing spots, thrilling hiking trails, epic caves, a bustling harbor, action-packed adventure experiences, and magnificent marine life. Believe it or not, that’s merely the tip of the iceberg of what Kalk Bay has to offer.

Renowned for its unapologetic scenic beauty, authentic charm, adventurous spirit, and vibrant energy – You won’t find anywhere else quite like it in the Western Cape, or the world for that matter.

**If you’re looking for more exciting things to do in Kalk Bay, here are a few great suggestions:

  • Take a refreshing dip in the Dalebrook Tidal Pool and / or Wooley’s Tidal Pool – Take your pick!
  • Go cave exploring
  • Go surfing
  • Visit the Kalk Bay Harbour
  • Explore the quirky streets of Kalk Bay
  • Hike the famous Boomslang Cave – It is a relatively easy hike perfect for novice hikers, families with kids, and adventure seekers – It is known as one of Cape Town’s more adventurous hikes after all. Click here to find out everything you need to know about the Boomslang Cave hike.
  • Enjoy a unique seaside dining experience at the renowned Brass Bell
  • Go on an adventure-filled hike from Kalk Bay to the Amphitheatre
  • Indulge in a rock-your-socks-off ice cream at the famous Ice Café
  • Visit Kalk Bay’s local plant and garden shops – Perfect for head-over-heels plant lovers! The Kalk Bay Garden Shop is most definitely worth a visit!
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee & bite to eat at the iconic Olympia Café & Bakery – While an array of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options are available, Olympia is renowned for its freshly baked pastries and bread
  • Visit the Kalk Bay Breakwater Lighthouse
  • See the cool and charismatic Cape Fur Seals at the Kalk Bay Harbour. You can expect to see these playful ocean beings draped over the pier walls at the harbour. If you’re eager to see these incredible Cape Fur Seals up close and personal – Kalk Bay Harbour is exactly where you need to be!
  • Go to the Kalk Bay Theatre & the Kalk Bay Modern Gallery
  • Visit the infamous Kalk Bay Expresso – A charming café housed inside a restored Blue Train carriage
  • Pop into the vibey beachside cocktail bar – Cape to Cuba

You can easily spend a whole day exploring the streets of Kalk Bay and still not discover everything it has to offer – that’s the beauty and magic of this cool coastal town. For more information on all the fun and exciting things to do in Kalk Bay, Check out our ‘Top 15 Things To Do In Kalk Bay’ blog.

#Eat delicious local harbourfront fish & chips at Kalky’s this Easter in Cape Town

This is one Cape Town Easter treat you absolutely can’t miss! As we’re on the topic of Kalk Bay and everything it has to offer, and EXTRA BONUS is the fact that Kalk Bay is also home to one of the absolute BEST and highly sought-after local harbourfront fish and chips spots in the entire city – Kalky’s!

Kalky’s is local fish and chips, made the real local way, by real Cape Town locals. Wrapped in a newspaper and served with a hefty dose of salt and vinegar (because that’s the way we do it in the Cape), you will be savoring every single bite – trust us, we know! Paired with a beautiful False Bay and Kalk Bay harbourfront view, it’s pure bliss!

Kalkys’ cool harbourfront setting is every bit as authentic as its incredible fish and chips. No fancy trimmings. No experimental and inventive flavor combinations. Just a laid back, back-to-basics eating area with a big display menu on the wall listing all the fresh and tasty options for the day.

  • Where: Kalky’s | Kalk Bay Harbour, Kalk Bay, Cape Town
  • Opening times: Monday – Sunday, 10am – 8pm
  • Contact details: 021 788 1726 | [email protected]

#Take a dip in St James Tidal Pool & Enjoy a laid-back Coastal Walk

Cape Town has no shortage of amazing tidal pools, however the St James Tidal Pool is undeniably one of the best. Not to mention a real fan-favourite among locals and both the young and young at heart.

**How to get to the St James tidal pool: Situated close to the Muizenberg station, you will need to cross over the train tracks and follow the winding concrete path that meanders along the coast. Once you’ve reached your desired destination, a refreshing dip in the cool St James tidal pool waters is an absolute must! It really is the perfect Cape Town summer holiday activity for the whole family and one of the best ways to beat the Cape Town summer heat.

Besides the not-to-be-missed St James Tidal Pool, the St James coastal walk, which stretches between Muizenberg and St James, sure gives the Sea Point promenade a run for its money. Once known as Cape Town’s Golden Mile, this stunning walkway boasts sensational views right throughout.

The path is concreted the entire way and begins just behind Muizenberg’s railway station (It is highly recommended that you park up that end, rather than at the beach). Feel free to enjoy the St James coastal walk barefooted (if you so desire), but, as a word of warning, the fishermen tend to leave their tackle on the path whilst fishing just out in front of it, so make sure you’re extra vigilant.

As the vibrant False Bay coastline is known for its plethora of thriving marine life, be sure to keep a look out for some thrilling sightings of Cape Town’s beloved ocean locals – African Penguins, dolphins, whales, and of course the wonderful Cape Fur Seals!

**While taking a stroll along the ever-beautiful St James coastal walk is a fantastic and fun time for all regardless of the time of day, the very best time to do this walk is during low tide.

#Go for a scenic coastal drive at sunset, sunrise, or anywhere in between

Watching the glorious Mother City sunset and/or sunrise is by far one of the best things to do in Cape Town in winter (or anytime of the year for that matter). However, seeing the sun set and/or rise while taking a drive along one of the Mother City’s most magnificent coastal roads is a bucket-list worthy experience in its own right.

There is absolutely no denying that Cape Town is home to several of the most beautiful coastal drives in the world, some of which include:

  • Victoria Road: This road hugs the back of Table Mountain, passing quiet stretches of the coast as well as some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, including Camps Bay and Clifton Beach. This drive will take you approximately 35 minutes.
  • Boyes Drive: This stunning coastal drive traces mountains behind False Bay, boasting beautiful views over the harbour below, before finally winding down and ending at the lively Kalk Bay Harbour. During whale season, between June and November, you might be lucky enough to spot whales frolicking in the bay below, as well as other members of the Marine Big 5! This drive will take you approximately 12 minutes.
  • Signal Hill: Signal Hill is a quick drive and it’s close to the city centre, which means you don’t need to travel too far. Once you reach the top you will be able to enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the Mother City and beyond. It’s no surprise Signal Hill is known as one of the best sunset spots in Cape Town. This drive will take you approximately 5 – 10 minutes from the city centre.
  • Simon’s Town to Cape Point: This picturesque coastal road gives you the opportunity to wind your way along the quiet, largely untouched coastline all the way to the majestic natural wonder that is Cape Point. This drive will take you approximately 40 minutes.
  • R44 From Gordon’s Bay to Somerset West: This scenic coastal drive will take you along the edge of the water through Strand with spectacular mountain range and ocean views all the view through. This drive will take you approximately 25 minutes.

And last, but most definitely not the least – The renowned Chapman’s Peak Drive of course!

  • Chapman’s Peak Drive: Named one of the most magnificent marine drives in the world, taking a drive along the picturesque Chapman’s Peak Drive should be on everyone’s Cape Town bucket-list. Affectionately known as ‘Chappies’ by Cape Town locals, this captivating coastal road ribbons along the Atlantic coastline between Hout Bay and Noordhoek.

#Play a game of 3D Glow-in-the-dark Mini Golf

Simply mentioning the words ‘3D Glow-in-the-dark Mini Golf’ will have your kiddos jumping up and down with pure excitement – Undoubtedly making playing 3D glow-in-the-dark mini golf one of the most thrilling things to do with kids in Cape Town.

This uniquely epic luminous 3D mini golf course features 3D murals, UV AND disco lights for a fun and down-right exhilarating 18 holes of 3D glow-in-the-dark mini golf. You even get to play with special imported 3D glasses! How amazing is that?

Besides it being one of the coolest and most entertaining things to do in Cape Town with kids, it’s an unforgettable bucket-list worthy family-friendly experience that’s unlike anything you’ve done before.

  • Location: Shop 16 – The Gallery, Corner Koeberg Road and Turf Club Drive, Milnerton, Cape Town | Entrance on ground floor next to FNB
  • Opening hours: Monday: Closed |Tuesday – Friday: Closed (except for confirmed paid event room bookings of 10 or more OR minimum 20 confirmed paid players between 10am – 7pm) | Saturday: 10am – 8pm | Sunday: 10am – 4pm | Holidays: Open from Tuesday – Sunday – Be sure to check the website to confirm times
  • Cost: R110 per player | Non-player Fee: R70 | Pensioner Fee: R70 | Pensioner Non-player Fee: R50
  • Contact details: 021 551 2244 | [email protected]
  • No booking required
  • For exclusive usage of the entire premises contact [email protected]
  • Click here to visit the Glowing Rooms website or to find out everything you need to know about this fun and thrilling experience

#Enjoy a game of HintHunt with the whole family

HintHunt is the original live escape game! It is fun, thrilling, and interactive and has taken Cape Town by storm with everyone eager to get in on the action. HintHunt is a game played in groups of three to five people where you get an hour to work out puzzles and mysteries to escape / release yourselves from a room.

If you’re up for something truly exhilarating, a little different, and super interactive that gets your mind working in all the right ways, a game of HintHunt is the perfect choice!

HintHunt offers visitors and eager thrill seekers an amazing variety of experiences to choose from, including:

  • Live Escape Games
  • Online Escape Games
  • Outdoor Escape Games
  • Amazing Race Experiences
  • Mobile Escape Games

With such an exciting range of thrilling activities and experiences to choose from, the only thing you’ll have trouble with is deciding which HintHunt adventure to tick off your bucket list first. Here’s the best part – HintHunt has made it their mission to ensure there is something for absolutely EVERYONE to enjoy!

  • Location: HintHunt | JH02 The Watershed, 17 Dock Road, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town
  • Operating hours: Monday – Thursday: 10am – 7pm | Friday – Saturday: 10am – 10pm | Sunday: 10am – 5:30pm
  • Contact details: 076 187 2764 | 021 001 4215 | [email protected] |
  • Click here for more information or to view HintHunt’s current COVID-19 regulations, protocols, and guidelines


  • Click here to book a HintHunt Escape Room Experience
  • Click here to buy HintHunt Online Escape Games
  • Click here to book a HintHunt Outdoor Escape Game Experience
  • Click here to book a HintHunt Amazing Race Experience