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The Clock Tower, V&A Waterfront

Secret Cape Town

Photo taken at: The Clock Tower, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Photo Caption: There aren’t many bright red buildings in #capetown. Can you #guesswhere this is? Maybe there are clues in the reflection. #secretcapetown #guesswherecapetown.

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Built in 1882, the Victorian Gothic-style Clock Tower is one of Cape Town’s most iconic buildings. It was originally the harbor signal station and the port captain’s office. This three-story historic landmark features a clock which was imported from Edinburgh and is surrounded by pointed Gothic windows. Its bright red walls are the same color as they were in the 1800’s. On the first floor of the clock tower is an old tidal gauge mechanism which was used to check the tide levels. The second floor houses a decorative mirror room which has a full view of the harbor. The top floor of the clock tower is home to the original clock mechanism.

In 1978, the Clock Tower was declared a national monument. Its restoration was completed towards the end of 1997. Today, it serves as an important focal point in the V&A Waterfront’s recent urban design and has become a major tourism and leisure hub. It is surrounded by a large retail center where you can find exceptional shops, a number of restaurants, art galleries, museum and many other interesting tourist sights. You can also catch the boat to Robben Island close by. The Clock Tower is indeed an interesting section of the V&A Waterfront. Bring your camera and take a photo with the iconic red clock tower.

Clock Tower Cape Town