Maidens Cove Top 10 Images

Maiden’s Cove in between Camps Bay and Clifton is one of Cape Town’s most popular tidal pools and a hot spot for Instagrammers who are visiting Cape town as well as those who live here.

These are our 10 favourite images of Maiden’s Cove that we could find on Instagram. If you want to read more about Maiden’s Cove click here.

We love this shot by Gavin Pickford. It makes us want to dive straight in.

Cape Town sunsets are famous for delivering amazing colours. Sunsets from Maiden’s Cove delivers the goods, so make sure you are there at Golden Hour.

We have shared this image already, and that is why it makes the top 10. Great pic by @veenstra14.

We love this image by @adriaanlouwphotography because it shows a bit more of what is on offer at Maiden’s Cove.

How cool is this sunset shot of @mirandi_nel taken by @martijnroosphotos

@thelawry is one of Cape Town’s biggest and well known instagrammed. He loves to spend time at Maiden’s Cove and has some spectacular shots of the tidal pool.

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Taking a morning dip in the freezing Cape Town water

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There is more than one pool at Maiden’s cove so make sure you spend time in the smaller one as well.

Part of what makes Maiden’s Cove so amazing is the impressive back drop of the 12 apostles behind it across from Camps Bay beach.

Maiden’s Cove is also a hot spot for model shoots who love to have an image of them in the tidal pool for their portfolio.

Think you have an image that belongs in the top 10? comment below and we will have a look and maybe yours or your friends image could be in the top 10 next time you check.

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