It’s all about that Cape Town feeling
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It’s all about that Cape Town feeling

all about that Cape Town feeling

By: Bianca Bunge

As I’m sharing all of my cool Cape Town experiences with you, I thought I’d share a bit of my truth too. I’m originally from Johannesburg – BIG shocker I know! Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking, an OG Joburger, how dare she pretend to know everything or anything about Cape Town?! But hear me out Capetonians – I LOVE YOUR CITY! I love it that much that I want to explore and experience every little bit of it!

Believe me, Cape Town through the eyes of a Joburger is something else entirely. You have to understand, I’m used to concrete, traffic, and skyscrapers, and while Cape Town certainly has its fair share of all of that, I was suddenly surrounded by the ocean, mountains, winelands, and stunning natural wonders. I was suddenly surrounded by ALL of Cape Town – and needless to say, I couldn’t get enough.

The simple truth is this – from the very first moment I set foot in the Mother City I wanted to be part of her magic. The point is I’m crazy in love with Cape Town. Like head-over-heels, where’s my engagement ring, I’m ready to walk down the aisle, let’s get married right now, in love with Cape Town. And I’m not the commitment type, so that’s a big deal. And better yet, four years later, I still feel the exact same way.

Witnessing Table Mountain for the very first time might have been what hooked me, but it was EVERYTING else about the magnificent Mother City that sealed the deal. I’m a born-and-bread Joburger turned head-over-heels in love Capetonian, and I don’t care who knows it!

So, what exactly is it about Cape Town that turned me head-over-heels you ask? Well, here are just 5 reasons why I love Cape Town, but trust me, there are a million more.

#Table Mountain

It’s all about that Cape Town feeling

Need I say more? Well, probably not, but I’m DEFINITELY going to! Not to be dramatic or anything, but from the first moment I saw Table Mountain, it was pretty much a done deal. Love at first sight. Signed, sealed, and delivered – I’m yours!

I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was like a kid that met Spider Man, Santa Claus, Elsa from Frozen and my favourite red Power Ranger ALL at the same time. Yip, it pretty much blew my mind!

**Interesting fact: In 1998 former and late President, world icon, and all-around incredible, influential, and inspirational global change-maker and figure Nelson Mandela proclaimed Table Mountain ‘a gift to the earth’. That’s exactly what Table Mountain is – an incredible gift to this earth and we all get to witness it – wow, we’re lucky! Like REALY lucky!

#The Mother City is cool, like REALLY cool, plus it has a little bit of EVERYTHING!

It’s all about that Cape Town feeling

I’ve pretty much concluded that Cape Town is exactly like going to a really cool Tapas Bar. Like those super hip and on trend ones. And I’m all about good tapas. I’m a Tapas Bar kinda girl! You get to have a little bit of everything, what is there not to love? Cape Town is exactly like that!

Dubbed one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world, Cape Town is the whole package – beautiful, unique, adventurous, daring and truly one of a kind & with obvious natural stunners like Table Mountain, Clifton, Camps Bay, Cape Point, Chapman’s Peak, the Cape Winelands, and SO MUCH MORE, it isn’t hard to understand why. 

The point is Cape Town is like an all-you-can-eat tapas bar that’s open every day of the week, 24/7 – it is all on point, all of the time!

#There is ALWAYS something to do & see

It’s all about that Cape Town feeling

By far one of the best things about Cape Town is that you’ll NEVER run out of things to do, see, explore, and experience.

Ocean? Check! Mountains? Check! Beach? Check! Lots of exceptional wine? Check! Adventure, thrill, and excitement around every corner? CHECK! Plus, let’s not forget the abundance of globally acclaimed restaurants, trendy hotspots and rooftop hangouts, vibrant energy, rich heritage, history, and culture, glorious artistic flair and creative expressions, world renowned landmarks, spectacular natural wonders, magnificent marine life, oh, and how can I forget the people? The people are really cool too! And that’s merely scratching the surface of what the iconic city of Cape Town has to offer.

#Cape Town has all the ocean & beach bliss your heart desires

It’s all about that Cape Town feeling

Yes, I hear you. How predictable can I be right? But let me ask you this, how can you live in Cape Town – one of the most beautiful cities in the world, home to some of the most beautiful beaches to ever exist – and NOT take full advantage of it?

If there’s one thing I’m certain about, it’s this – There is absolutely NOTHING that compares to being sun-kissed, salty-haired, and sandy-toed while spending the day on one of the Mother City’s stunning beaches. Simply put, Cape Town is pure beach bliss!

The best thing is, it doesn’t even matter which one of Cape Town’s amazing beaches you choose, every second spent promises to be as glorious as the next.

**On a more personal note, if you’re anything like me, this is a pretty BIG one! I’m a bit of an over-thinker. My head feels busy all the time. Full. Jam-packed. Just too much going on. Plus, I’m a writer, so all of that combined gets pretty messy. But when I’m surrounded by the ocean, all of it disappears. All of it just goes away. The ocean is my stillness. And it might be yours too?! So yes, I not only crave the ocean, I need it. And with so many beautiful beaches to choose from, its nothing short of spectacular.


It’s all about that Cape Town feeling

It really is ALL about that spectacular, unexplainable Cape Town feeling, that electric Cape Town vibe you can just about touch. There’s a certain electricity to this city that’s pretty hard to put into words – you have to feel it. And believe me, as soon as you do, you’ll be hooked, done, game over. 

Move over Justin Timberlake, The Mother City most definitely can’t stop the feeling! You’ll be flying up, no ceiling, when you’re in the zone. The Cape Town zone that is! Yes, I just couldn’t help myself!