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There’s something magical about the scenic beauty of Cape Town. Some have speculated that the mountain has very unique energy fields. Whatever your theory is around the Mother City’s popularity, you can’t deny the natural charisma of it.

We’ve found a few places where you can connect with your spirituality through yoga. Whether you have been doing it for years, or you only started dabbling in it now, you can jump in and enjoy the refreshing combination of good exercise and fresh air! Oh, and don’t forget to look up and admire your surroundings.

Full Moon Yoga

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This event is hosted during the summer months. It is a worldwide movement of embracing the power of yoga and nature every month with the arrival of the full moon. Reconnect and reflect during the sunset and wait for the full moon to rise as you end the session. On the Facebook page you can learn more each month about the moon and its connection with us.

The yoga session is hosted at The Pipe Track on Table Mountain, from 6:30PM to 7:30PM. Click here for direction. It’s a free event and everyone is welcome. It is a Vinyasa-based yoga style and it’s perfect for all levels. You will be mesmerized by the sun is setting in front of you, while the moon rises behind you!

Bring along your mat, some water and warm clothes for afterwards. It cools down very quickly on the mountain once the sun sets. Arrive at 6.15PM to set up for the session. You don’t have to book ahead of time, simply pitch and enjoy the unique experience. Afterwards fresh Kombuchas is served.

Visit the Fullmoon Yoga Cape Town Facebook page for more information.

Fresh Air and Beach Vibes

The Om Revolution is a great mobile yoga studio. It’s not every day you get to do the Downward Dog position while a squirrel runs past you! Or with beach sand crunching under your mat as you stretch out. They host classes throughout the week at different locations across the city. A Vinyasa-style class costs R50 and is suitable for all levels and ages. (a heads-up for the Company’s Gardens classes, bring some cash along for the paid parking)

Classes Schedule:

  • Tuesdays @ 5:45PM at the Company’s Gardens
  • Wednesdays @ 6:00PM at Century City
  • Thursdays @ 5:30PM at Mouille Point
  • Saturdays @ 9:00AM at the Company’s Gardens
  • Sundays @ 6:15PM at Clifton 3rd Beach

Bring along your own mat and towel. Try to arrive a few minutes early for the registeration. You can join the Outdoor Yoga WhatsApp Group to stay in the loop with arrangements, as the events are weather-sensitive. Send a WhatsApp to 063 868 0899.

Visit theomrevolution.co.za for more information.

A Rooftop with a View

Vinyasa yoga is very popular in the city, and Yoga-Play has created special Sunset Sessions at the Harvest Cafe & Deli in the city. These are beginner classes with an epic view of Table Mountain. The classes are hosted every Wednesday from 5:30PM to 6:30PM.

Classes cost R100 and you can pay with cash or SnapScan. Bring along your mat and a towel, some water, and comfortable clothes.

Visit the Yoga-Play Facebook page for more information.

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Our beloved mountain was closed for maintenance. Luckily it’s scheduled for reopening soon, on the 1st of March 2019. A fire broke out end of January, ravishing the vegetation and affecting the plans by SANparks (South African National Parks) to upgrade the existing trails. Read more here.

The Cape Town icon has featured on the Secret Cape Town’s Instagram account numerous times. We don’t have to explain why, it’s quite epic. Below our top pictures of Lion’s Head.

For the ultimate experience of Lion’s Head, we recommend that you take a guided hike up the mountain. The professional hiking guide will be able to ensure your safety on the mountain, plus provide you with interesting information about the fauna and flora.

Did you know that approximately 200 000 people hike Lion’s Head every year? It is rated as an A to A+ hike, making it one of the easiest hikes in the city. Read our post Alternative Hikes To Do In Cape Town While Lion’s Head Is Closed.

Once a month the mountain is ascended by hiking enthusiasts to watch the full moon rise. Read our post What You Need to Know About Hiking Up Lion’s Head For the Full Moon to arrive prepared with your fellow Lion’s Head lovers.

Although Lion’s Head seems like an easy hike, because it’s so accessible to city dwellers, you should not underestimate the mountain. People have died attempting to hike it. Cape Town weather has the knack of changing at the drop of a hat. Be prepared for anything! Read our post What Is the Best Time to Visit Cape Town

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Cape Town has been voted the best city in the world six times in a row by the Telegraph Travel Readers. And it’s not hard to see why. Beautiful beaches, magnificent mountains, endless things to do, a buzzing cosmopolitan vibe… And that’s just mentioning the bare minimum!

But there is a little challenging factor to a holiday in the fairest of Capes, as Sir Francis Drake called it. The city was also given the name “the Cape of Storms” by Bartolomeo Dias. Depending on your holiday needs, the tumultuous weather can be a pro or a con.

Weather in Cape Town

The best way to describe the weather in Cape Town? Four seasons in one day. It can be high summer and you will need a jersey. The best way to approach the weather in Cape Town, is to be prepared for anything. Carry a light jersey with you, even in the summer months, because the wind can suddenly get very chilly. During winter and the other in-between seasons, layer up, so you can layer down if need be. Even during the icy wet winter, an almost-summer day can make a quick appearance.

With its location next to the ocean, the climate has a Mediterranean-feel to it. In the hot summer months, the temperatures can soar up to 35°C (95°F) and then you will wish the infamous wind will make an appearance. In the winter it can rain for days on end, with the temperatures dropping below 10°C (50°F).

The wind is a constant companion of Capetonians. Mostly you will have a love/hate relationship with it. The Cape Doctor, the nickname of the South-Easter wind, blows during the spring months (August and September) to late summer (March and April). Some days it will be a gentle breeze ruffling your hair as you walk on the beach, breaking the extreme heat. Other days it will threaten to blow you off your feet. In Table Bay winds of up to 160km/h have been measured.

The wind also triggers the famous Table Cloth. It’s a mesmerizing weather phenomena, caused by the fluctuations in temperature surrounding the mountain. The False Bay air, full of warm moisture, is picked up by the wind and it’s pushed towards the eastern flank of Table Mountain. It’s lifted up against the Table Mountain slopes. Then all of a sudden it drops down and the clouds disappear into thin air.

Summer in Cape Town

The balmy summer months end and start the year, from December to mid-March. It’s the perfect end or start to your year! Another great aspect of Cape Town summers, is the fact that the sun sets around 8 o’clock. Morning temperatures range at about 15°C (59°F) and can reach 35°C (95°F) middle day in high summer.

If you are a big fan of lounging on the beach, summer months are the best time to visit Cape Town. With the prospect of the wind joining you on your holiday, it’s also a great time to indulge in fun water sports such as kite or wind surfing. Another activity complemented by the wind, is paragliding. Slowly hovering over the city from Lion’s Head or Signal Hill (or even Table Mountain) will be an unforgettable experience.

But beware, you will not be the only one thinking it’s a good idea to head to the beach on a beautiful summer’s day. Especially during December you will also have the local South African tourists to contend with. All of a sudden you will notice that half the cars on the road have GP number plates! We’ll give you the inside scoop, head over to one of the best secret beaches in the Cape to avoid the crowds.

Accommodation and flight prices are pushed up during the peak summer period. If you’re schedule is flexible, rather plan a trip in late-November or mid-March to soak up the African sun without being squashed on the beach and paying exorbitant prices.

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Autumn and Spring in Cape Town

The in-between seasons can be the best time to visit Cape Town. During these months the weather is less extreme, and the city is not as crowded as during peak season. You can score great accommodation and flight deals if you plan ahead. Just keep an eye on the Easter weekend dates, prices are pushed up for this popular holiday break.

From late-March the mornings become chillier, and slowly the sun starts rising later in the morning, and setting earlier at night. During the day temperatures range in the early 20’s (68°F) and in the afternoon it will start dropping lower again.

Spring arrives from the end of August, with the sun rising around 07:00 in the morning and setting at 18:30. Daytime temperatures start climbing into the higher 20’s (68°F). But mornings and evenings are still chilly. Read our post Where to See the Wildflowers in the Cape for a truly magical experience which transforms the landscape every year.

With the extreme summer heat subdued, both autumn and spring are great seasons to explore the outdoors in the middle of the day, instead of worrying about the potent summer midday sun. Cape Town is an outdoor fanatic’s paradise, with almost-endless hiking and mountain bike trails. Read our post Top 5 Hiking Routes up Table Mountain.

Winter in Cape Town

Some would argue that winter is the best time to visit Cape Town, but it all depends on what kind of holiday experience you are looking for. Winter is whale-watching season, read our post 5 of the Best Ways to See Whales around Cape Town to plan your holiday around these fascinating gentle giants of the ocean.

The winter period is from late-June to mid-September. Morning temperatures can drop below 10°C (50°F) and will hover in the teens throughout the day. Along with the chilly weather, long stints of rain ascend on the city. All of a sudden the tip of Africa will be transformed into a London-like atmosphere, with soft drizzle falling relentlessly for days on end.

If you are sensitive to long periods of overcast weather, you might want to rather plan your trip at the beginning or end of winter to avoid the gloominess. Even though the outdoor activities mostly come to a halt, you can still indulge in the indoor fun. Read our post about 10 Restaurants with Fireplaces in Cape Town to counter the chill.

Another great indoor activity for the winter months, is exploring the Iziko Museum Mile. You’ll be kept busy for hours hopping from one heritage museum to the next. These include the Bo-Kaap museum, Planetarium, Rust en Vreugd, Slave Lodge, South African Museum, South African National Gallery, and the William Fehr Collection at The Castle of Good Hope. End off your exploration at one of the Harrington Street Restaurants and Cafés.

Daylight Hours

In the summer months, it almost feels like there’s endless sunshine available. You can get up to 14 sunlight hours per day, from 05h30 to 20h00. During the in-between seasons of spring and autumn, it goes down to about 12 hours, from 06h30 to 18h45. And in winter there is around 10 hours of sunlight, from 07h45 to 17h50.

How much are flights to Cape Town?

Peak Season (mid-December to January)

A lot of people will tell you this is the best time to visit Cape Town to experience the ultimate summer holiday. But because it’s so popular, it’s very busy and very pricey. Flight tickets can be pushed up by as much as 50% from mid-December to January. If you do want to visit the Mother City during the epic height of summer, you will have to book your accommodation and flights at least three months ahead.

Shoulder Seasons (March to May; September to November)

Planning your visit a little bit away from the peak season can be the best time to visit Cape Town if you want to still experience the summer fun, but not have excessive travel costs. You can save up to 30% when travelling in this gap period.

Off-Peak Season (June to August)

People might tell you it’s not the best time to visit Cape Town. And you will save up to 40% because of this believe. But because of the winter rain, the Western Cape transforms into lush green rolling hills.

So What Is The Best Time To Visit Cape Town?

Well, according to us the best time to visit Cape Town, is every day of the year! Each season in the Mother City has its own special charm. From the balmy summer days, to the cold winter nights perfect for snuggling next to a fireplace.

We hope that you find your favourite season in the Mother City and return every year to come and soak up the awesomeness! Remember to share your epic Instagram pics with us! Tag @secretcapetown or use #secretcapetown to be featured with our #guesswhere.

Kayamandi Stellenbosch Township Tour

Have you ever passed by a township and wondered what life is like inside? While remaining culturally sensitive, the Stellenbosch Township and Village team has endeavoured to create a tour of the vibrant informal settlement of the winelands town.

It is a community driven inter-cultural tourism initiative which offers visitors a glimpse of the day-to-day life of the Kayamandi residents. The tours are hosted by community members, giving it a great personal touch. Explore and learn more about this vibrant community. It’s lies on the edge of Stellenbosch.

Kayamandi means “nice home” in Xhosa, from the words khaya meaning “home” and mnandi meaning “nice”. The informal settlement dates back to the early 1950’s, housing an influx of workers from the Eastern Cape.

A Township and A Village Meet Each Other

The concept for the tour is a partnership between SEED and the Stellenbosch Municipality. Together they empower the local guides, assisting them to become registered professional tour guides. These friendly and engaging guides are passionate about Kayamandi because they call it home.

Since community members present the tour, it’s a truly authentic experience and you can feel safe in their capable presence. Weaving your way between the shacks, you definitely want someone who knows where they’re heading!

Tourism is a thriving industry in the Western Cape. The Township and Village Tour project aims to connect the Kayamandi residents with the tourism sector. It empowers the community while giving them the opportunity to introduce tourists to their way of life. Not only will you be gaining more insight into another culture, you will also be contributing to the economic growth of the community you are visiting.

Exploration Options

The Stellenbosch Township and Village tours offer you the chance to explore the culture, history and the evolution of South African Township life. You can also explore the town surrounding the township.

Kayamandi on Foot

Duration: 3 hours | Cost: R600

A three hour walking adventure, starting and looping back to the Ikhaya Trust Centre in Kayamandi. Over a cup of coffee at the Amazink restaurant you will meet your local resident guide. You can tell them more about your interest in taking the tour before starting.

Next you will start exploring the area, stopping at various points to learn more about the history and the current activities of the community. Attractions include schools, hostels, a spaza shop, churches, an African barber shop, craft shops, development organisations, and the local taxi rank. A few of the community members have been kind enough to open their homes to give visitors a glimpse of life behind the corrugated metal shells.

Once you return to the Ikhaya Trust Centre, pop in at the Vision Afrika School to buy a memento of your Kayamandi experience. The community shop stocks locally produced craft items. To make the most of your tour experience, wear comfortable shoes and clothes. The weather can suddenly turn, so bring a light jacket along for in case. During the summer months, wear sunscreen. And bring an umbrella in the winter. You will receive a bottle of water for the walk. The route is suitable for all levels of fitness and kids are also welcome.

Book now

Kayamandi Stellenbosch Township Tour

Half and Half Tour

Duration: 4 hours | Cost: R850

With this tour you can experience the diversity of life in South Africa. The tour starts at the Stellenbosch Wine Routes tourism centre, situated in the centre of the historical little town. Walk through the iconic town’s leafy streets, making your way to the local taxi rank. Your Kayamandi resident guide will show you how the local people travel between their homes and workplaces.

The taxi will take you to the Ikhaya Trust Centre in Kayamandi, travelling the 3 kilometres between the township and the village. Next you will follow the circular route through the township, experiencing in one day the contrasts of South African life. (see description of Kayamandi on Foot tour above)

After supporting the local community by buying a souvenir at the Vision Afrika School, you will again hop into the taxi and travel back to your starting point in town. After learning more about the historic backgrounds of Kayamandi and Stellenbosch, you will gain more insight into the country’s cultural dynamics.

Book now

Pick Up and Drop Off

You can request a transfer to the Ikhaya Trust Centre in Kayamandi from the centre of Stellenbosch. In South Africa safety is a challenge and the transfer can give you the reassurance that you are travelling to the correct destination in the township.

Transfer location: Stellenbosch Wine Routes tourism centre, 47 Church Street.

Challenge Your Perspective on Life in South African

Kayamandi Stellenbosch Township Tour

The Stellenbosch Township and Village tourism initiative aims to not only reach foreign tourists, but local ones as well. So often we are stuck in seeing life through our own cultural lenses. By visiting Kayamandi you can challenge your preconceived ideas of life in an informal settlement.

This is a social enterprise founded by the Stellenbosch Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Development Trust (SEED). The NPO aims to enhance local economic development, by offering enterprise training and development. The Stellenbosch Municipality funds the social enterprise. These tours aim to promote inter-cultural and heritage integration.

Visit stellenboschtownshipandvillage.co.za for more information.

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Check out our post on the tours in Cape Town – Township Tours Cape Town.

Kayamandi Stellenbosch Township Tour

Life does not have to come to a standstill just because you are single. Luckily there are plenty of experiences in the city you can indulge in on your own, without the fear of someone looking at you funnily because you’re on your own. And let’s face it, everyone is so wrapped up in their own lives, no one will really even notice that you’re exploring on your own.

Check out our post Cape Town as a Solo Traveller for some inspiration to travel on your own.

#1 Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

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Walking around alone in a museum or art gallery is a totally legit solo activity. Just make sure to assume an air of aloofness. In the City Bowl you can keep yourself busy for hours museum hopping on the Iziko Museum Mile. Museum included: Iziko South African Museum, Planetarium, Iziko South African National Gallery, Iziko Slave Lodge, Iziko Bo-Kaap Museum, Iziko Rust en Vreugd Museum, Iziko Koopmans-de Wet House, Michaelis Collection at the Old Town House, Iziko Maritime Centre, and the William Fehr Collection at the Castle of Good Hope.

There are various art galleries scattered across the city. Work your way through the list of top 10 art galleries in Cape Town. Opening nights are always a fun thing to join (free wine and maybe snacks) Also, make sure you pop in at the Zeitz MOCAA. The Museum of Contemporary Art Africa is a world-first. It has 100 gallery spaces to explore, so get ready for a lot of inspiration entering your eyes! Read our post to learn more about the museum.

#2 Tour the City

For this one, you’ve got a few options. Firstly, you can use the City Sightseeing bus to gallivant across the city. It stops at all the major tourist spots including Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch Gardens, Hout Bay, Camps Bay, and more. With the handy audio info on the bus, you will learn more about the Mother City while taking in the amazing scenery.

Or, you can decide to only focus on the inner city, with a free walking tour. All you have to do is arrive at the Motherland Coffee Company and join the tour. Tours are hosted every day of the year and depart at 11:00, 14:00, and 16:20. The tours work on a tip only basis. Choose between the Apartheid to Freedom Tour, Historic City Tour, and the Bo Kaap Walking Tour.

#3 Hire a Bike

Riding a bicycle is a great solo activity, and it will offer you a unique perspective on the city. UpCycles have Dutch-style single speed bikes, with back pedal brakes. Pop in at one of their drop-and-go stations and create your own route through the city, ending at another station. Start at one of the following points: The Pavilion on the Sea Point Promenade, Breakaway Café (Waterkant Street Fan Walk), Silo 5 (V&A Waterfront Silo District), and Camps Bay (Bay Hotel)

Visit upcycles.co.za for more information.

#4 Visit the Aquarium

Another great spot for a solo expedition. The fishies won’t judge you for arriving alone! The Two Oceans Aquarium is of world class standard, with diverse marine life to admire. Throughout the day there are different feeding sessions at for instance the penguins’ enclosure or the mantra ray tank. The exhibitions are truly magical. Walk through a glass tunnel while a tortoise leisurely swims overhead. Or wait for the formidable sharks to swim past you at the massive floor to ceiling tank.

Visit aquarium.co.za for more information.

#5 Join a Hiking Group

Cape Town is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true. There are countless hiking opportunities within the city borders. Although a solo stroll through nature can be very therapeutic, it’s safer to hike with a group of people. Luckily there are so many nature addicts, you have plenty of groups to choose from. Read our post about the Top Five Hiking Groups in Cape Town.

Alternatively, if you do want to get your solo nature dose, why not visit one of the Top 10 Parks in Cape Town? These are also tucked away within the city borders. You need to be vigilant regarding safety, but most parks are very popular, so there will be other people also enjoying the outdoors while you recharge on your own.

#6 Go To a Book Launch

A book launch is the perfect opportunity to mingle with likeminded people in a relaxed environment. You can easily blend into the crowd, and usually there’s free wine (if you need to ease your social nerves) The Book Lounge is a firm favourite of Capetonian book fanatics. They regularly host events relating to all kinds of literary things.

Check the Book Lounge upcoming events.

#7 Watch an Art Film

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With the Academy Awards Ceremony fast approaching, head to the Labia Theatre to see the nominated films on one of the 4 screens at this independent cinema. 📷:@carys.be 📽🍿#letsdothiscpt #capetown WHEN: Any day. WHERE: The Labia Theatre, Orange Street, Cape Town. WHY: Watch a movie at an independent cinema. #️⃣ #labiatheatre #independentcinema #thingstodo #ideas #explore #adventure #activities #getoutside #discover #food #drink #meetup #squadgoals #hike #fitness #health #culture #explorecapetown #mothercity #westerncape #mzanzi #southafrica #roadtrip #unplug #letsdothiscpt #dothis Tag or email us with your tip………………… 📩 Please note – we cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss of life that may occur when following the tip for the day ✌️

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Going to the movies alone for the first time will feel like a strange endeavour. But after you’ve gotten over the awkwardness of it, you will most likely be hooked on it. And going to South Africa’s oldest independent art-repertory cinema will make you feel like a sophisticated singleton. They show both art movies and blockbusters. And you can order a glass of wine to sip in the movie!

Visit thelabia.co.za for more information.

#8 Join a Dinner Club

Dine4Six is perfect for singletons! The point of the experience is to pitch alone (or you can bring a buddy if you prefer) and make new friends around the dinner table. Each table has seating for six people, creating a unique setting for meeting potential new friends. Plus, you get to dine at the best restaurants in town!

Visit dine4six.com  to see upcoming events.
Download the app on the iTunes store or Google Play store

#9 Go To a Dancing or a Cooking Class

Learning to dance, is a handy skill to have. And you can also use it as fun way to make friends. Plus, don’t forget the exercise factor. Que Pasa offers various dance classes including salsa, swing, bachata, lindyhop, kizomba, tango, Cuban and Charleston. Over the weekends they host free salsa classes at La Prada (Fridays) and Jade Lounge (Saturdays).

Visit quepasa.co.za for more information

Not quite convinced about the dancing? Another fun option, is a cooking course. It’s a great skill to master, and an easy way to make friends with mutual interests. Stir Crazy Catering has created fun cooking classes that can enhance your culinary repertoire. These include Exploring Spanish Delicacies, Sushi Made Simple, Tastes of the Mediterranean, South African Cooking Safari, and more.

Check the Stir Crazy cooking class schedule.

#10 Visit a Local Market

An outing to a Saturday market is a truly Capetonian weekly event. It’s the perfect place to wander around on your own, without anyone really noticing you’re on a solo mission. You can also consider shopping for your weekly fresh fruit and veggies from a local supplier. Read our post about the Top 5 Farmers Market Experiences to see what all the fuss is about.

Bonus: Join a Meetup Group

Meetup groups are the easiest way to find your tribe. What are you into? Music? Dance? Fashion and Beauty? There are most likely already a group of people passionate about the same things you are. And if not, you can start your own group and gather people! Categories include Book Clubs, Career & Business, Film, Arts, Food & Drink and many more.

Check out the Meetup Groups in Cape Town
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You don’t have to try very hard to be romantic in Cape Town. The epic views and breath-taking sunsets are enough to make you feel all mushy and lovey-dovey. Beware, the city might make you fall even more in love with your sweetheart!

Best Dating Ideas in Cape Town

You can impress a first date, or revive your 50 year old marriage in this stunning city. We’ve gathered a few indoor and outdoor ideas for a spectacular date night.

#1 A Scenic Picnic

Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Cape Town for Couples Beach Picnic rawpixel unsplash

This one is an almost fool proof date idea. The only factor to contend with, is Cape Town’s notoriously fickle weather. You can either plan a picnic date and hope for the best. Or you can keep this as a spontaneous option when the weather plays along. For a beach picnic, we would recommend a sunset picnic. Read our post secret beaches for a few idea. Alternatively, try a picnic in one of the top 10 parks.

If you want to turn up the romance a notch, why not order a ready-made picnic from Dial-a-Picnic. They will pack the basket for you and even spread a blanket with cushions, ready for you to simply enjoy!

#2 Fine Dining Experiences

There are so many amazing eateries in the city, we will rather not influence your choice too much by our opinions. Instead, we will offer you a very handy way to find the exact restaurant to fit your unique needs. DinePlan. This nifty app has categorized the city’s restaurants for your convenience. Use filters such as cuisine type, price, ratings, and special attributes (such as romantic, great views, or sunsets) to find your ideal romantic rendezvous spot.

The app is very user-friendly. Choose your location, apply the filters and vila, you can simply select the restaurant you like the most. Download the app now on the iTunes or GooglePlay store

#3 Cape Winelands Exploring with Wine Flies

A trip to the winelands is by far one of the most romantic outings near Cape Town. They are conveniently located on the city’s doorstep. Or you could even try a few of the ones tucked away within the city’s borders, such as the Constantia Wine Valley or the Durbanville hills. Wine Flies will help you create an idyllic day outing, offering you a unique experience at a variety of wine farms in their repertoire. Their tours include the following options: a trip to Stellenbosch, the Elgin Valley, or even a little bit further to Matjiesfontein.

Visit wineflies.co.za for more information

#4 The Pink Flamingo Rooftop Cinema

If your sweetheart is a fan of the big screen, this date will score you big time brownie points! The little open air cinema is tucked away between vintage Airstream trailers (the only rooftop trailer park in the world) It’s situated on top of the Grand Daddy Hotel in the city centre. So not only will you get to watch a movie in a very unique setting, you can also enjoy panoramic views of the city. Your movie ticket includes the following: a welcome drink, and popcorn with a mixed bag of sweets. In winter you also get a blanket, plus hot chocolate. You can also order a gourmet food basket.

View the movie schedule

#5 Go Dancing

Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Cape Town for Couples dancing allefvinicius unsplash

This one can either be a once-off fun night out, or you can make it a weekly activity. Nothing says romantic like a good sultry dance! Each week Qua Pasa teaches a variety of dance styles including salsa, swing, bachata, lindyhop, kizomba, tango, cuban, and charleston. They also host weekly salsa parties at La Prada (Friday) and Jada Bar (Sunday).

Visit quepasa.co.za for more information.

#6 Live Jazz

There’s just something about jazz music. Combine that with champagne, and you have all the romance sorted for the evening. The Milk and Honey Bar is a champagne bar infused with Parisian flair. Situated at the bottom edge of the CBD in Bree Street, an outing here will for a moment feel like a transportation to a real Parisian street café. The stylish décor includes marble counters, formidable chandeliers, and brass trimmings. Every Wednesday night, they have a live jazz band playing.

Insider tip: book a table outside, you’ll still be able to enjoy the ambiance, but can talk to each other over the music.

Visit milkhoneybar.co.za for more information.

#7 Ice Skating

Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Cape Town for Couples Ice Skating

A fun outing as a relaxed first date option, or simply something zany to do as a couple. Situated at the GrandWest Casino, it’s an Olympic-sized rink. The rink is used for ice skating sports, but it’s open to the public on Wednesday to Saturday evenings. This one is a very affordable date night idea, which can be extending into something splurgier with a fancy dinner at one of the Grand West restaurants.

Visit icerink.co.za or the Grand West website for more information

#8 A Sunset Cruise from the V&A Waterfront

What’s more romantic than sailing into the sunset with your sweetheart? There are a variety of cruises embarking from Quay 5 at the V&A Waterfront. Very easy to find, follow the path between the amphitheatre (on your left) and the Cape Wheel (on your right). Options range from simplistic to extravagantly fancy, you can choose how much you want to spend as well as the type of sailboat you would like to set sail on.

#9 A Comedy Show

The Cape Town Comedy Club at the V&A Waterfront combines a comedy show with a delectable dinner. It’s situated across the Watershed, in the Pumphouse building, which dates back to 1882. Let the talented comedians, both famous plus up and coming, make you laugh till your tummy hurts.

Visit capetowncomedy.com for more information.

#10 Hot Air Balloon Ride

This one can be saved for a special occasion, as it is quite pricey. But you have to admit, silently floating in a hot air balloon over the magnificent winelands, is pretty darn romantic! Wineland Ballooning offers trips from November to April. You’ll lift-off as the sun starts rising over the horizon, a truly magical experience. Each trip is unique, as the wind determines the route. After safely landing again, you’ll be whisked off to the Grande Roche Hotel (Paarl) for a decadent champagne breakfast.

Tip: keep a Plan B option in mind, the ride is determined by safe weather conditions.

Visit the Wineland Ballooning website for more information

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Pigcasso Table Mountain

Disclaimer: reading this post might change your mind about eating bacon. We cannot be held responsible for pulling on your heart strings and turning you into a vegetarian.

2019 is the Year of The Pig, according to the Chinese zodiac calendar. It’s the perfect timing for a hog artist to flourish! Pigcasso is one of a kind, the only painting pig in the world. And she lives close to Cape Town, in Franschhoek.

Till the 24th of March 2019 you can view her works at the V & A Waterfront, Noble Square.

Don’t Judge A Book by Its Cover

Pigcasso Pig Artist 2 Portrait

Pigcasso was destined to fulfil the purpose that the world had placed on her kind. She was rescued from a slaughterhouse in May 2016 by Joanne Lefson. And it seems that the universe had greater plans in store for her than mere tasty bacon.

She became the most famous inhabitant of Farm Sanctuary SA. The other founding member, is Baloo, a cow with good musical taste – Elvis is his favourite. The sanctuary was opened in 2016 on World Farm Animal Day (2 October). It lies in the Franschhoek Valley, in the Western Cape.

Joanne is passionate about farm animals. This noble project aims to offer visitors a chance of creating a unique connection with the animals. Farm Sanctuary SA wants to change the way society treats farm animals.

Pigcasso: An Unlikely Ambassador

It’s one thing to hear a person tell you about the unsavoury conditions of industrialised animal farming. You can also fall into the Google abyss, discovering more and more facts about it. But meeting one of the afflicted animals, is a whole different story.

Pigcasso Pig Artist Sm

In walks Pigcasso (well, in she waddles) She’s on a mission to paint a picture as an ambassador for the rescued farm animals and all the other unrescued ones. Her paintings are true originals, signed with her nose-tip. There are limited prints available of each masterpiece and they include a certificate of authenticity. You can also request a private commission from the four-footed artist. Each print sold helps to fund the Farm Sanctuary SA mission.

Artistic Talent Hidden in an Ordinary Pig

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IT’S FINALLY HERE! Tick tock, tick tock…

A post shared by Pigcasso (@pigcassohoghero) on

After rescuing Pigcasso and giving her a new home, Joanne discovered that this was no ordinary little piggy. Pigcasso was interested in the paint brushes she found lying about in the barn she now called home. Instead of just finding this amusing and not thinking much about it, Joanne decided to offer the curious piggy some guidance. And so Pigcasso’s artistic career was born.

In 2018 Pigcasso created a stir internationally by becoming the first non-human artist to have her own art exhibition. It was also hosted in the Waterfront, with the tongue in cheek name of “OINK”. Her masterpieces ranged from R6 700 to R53 500.

Up to now Pigcasso has sold nearly R2million worth of artworks, snatched up by internationally acclaimed art collectors. And to think, she would have been sold off for just a few kilograms of bacon…

From Strength to Strength

What makes Pigcasso’s unique abstract expressionist artworks so special, is to realise that they are not tweaked by Joanne, she simply provides the talented piggy with the canvas and the tools to express herself. Each artwork receives the inky snout seal of approval when Pigcasso decides her artwork is complete.

SWATCH commissioned Pigcasso to create a limited edition of special watches. Unfortunately, they are already all sold out. The watches sold for roughly R1 700 ($125). There were only 2019 watches available, to celebrate the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Pig. Each watch included a print of one of Pigcasso’s original artworks, with a certificate of authenticity. Click here to view the watch.

The 750 kilo unlikely artist became the first African, and the first non-human artist, to design a watch for SWATCH International. Needless to say, Joanne is very proud of her protégée. She uses this as a chance to again make people aware of how intelligent pigs are. They are not just good breakfast companions.

Do You Want to Visit Pigcasso the Hog Hero

Pigcasso At The Waterfront Pink

We warn you again, you might turn into a vegetarian after reading this post, and even more so if you visit the Farm Sanctuary SA in Franschhoek. The farm’s picturesque setting is inspiring and relaxing, a perfect spot for the rescued farm animals to live a peaceful life, awaiting your visit.

Pigcasso has a permanent OINK Gallery space on the farm. And if you’re lucky, you can interact with the artist herself. But visits are by appointment only, entrance is free of charge. You can also book a stay in the ‘Pigcasso’s Quarters’ loft bedroom suite, at R1 800 per night. All the proceeds go towards the Farm Sanctuary SA mission to spread more awareness of the plight of farm animals.

Visit pigcasso.org  or farmsanctuarysa.org for more information
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Nelson Mandela Street Art Festival Salt River Woodstock

The cityscape of Cape Town has been becoming increasingly arty over the last couple of years. Legal graffiti has become a unique artistic expression, as well as a tongue in the cheek social commentary tool. Street art is a mixture of artistic expression, a bit of rebellion and mixed together with these, inspiration for change in communities.

Baz-Art is a non-profit organisation which strives to empower local street artists, enabling them to transform their communities. They collaborate with local and international organisations to create an educational and creative environment for the artists.

The Yearly International Public Art Festival

IPAF was established to offer artists a platform for creative expression, through both street and fine art. Alexandre Tilmans is the mastermind behind the concept. His aim with the festival is to showcase the diversity and style of South African public artists. It offers a way for the public to learn more about the history and creative processes of the artists. He has created an artistic platform to commission city murals and billboards.

Street Art festival Salt River

The festival exposes South African artists at both a local and international level. These public artworks are legal and festival goers can feel part of the creative process while watching the live creation of the murals. Plus, guided street art tours are also hosted.

This year 14 street artists will be participating in the festival, both locals and international artists. Artists from South Africa, America, Mexico, Germany, and Spain will be collaborating to create more spectacular murals for the city. It’s the third year the festival is hosted in Cape Town.

Entrance to the festival is free. During the live painting sessions, you can interact with the artists and socialise with like-minded people attending the festival. Baz-Art wants to create opportunities for the community to collaborate and possibly contribute to the reviving of public spaces with professional street art murals.

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Artist Line Up

International Artists: Aïda Gómez (Spain) | Bona Berlin (Germany) | Aleksandro Reis (Brazil) | Said Dokins (Mexico) | Kipper Millsap (USA)

South African Artists: Justin Nomad | Mernette Swart | Bongani Mahlathi | Ryan Allan| Shinji Akhirah | Wots | Seth Pimentel | Mister Bzar | | Urbankhoi

The 2019 festival theme is “Generation Next: Educate, Collaborate, Empower”. It places a renewed focus on the importance of the responsibility of successive generations to contribute to a better world for everyone.

Guided Street Art Tour

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Have you heard about our Street Art Tour through #saltrive yet?! • We offer a unique cultural experience in cape Town based on the buzzing and growing popularity of street art. • Book now via email: hello@ipafest.co.za • What to expect? • You can not only expect visual delight but also to be taken on a journey of interpretation and deep meaning behind each piece as well as an immersion into the unique cultural history of the Salt River and Cape Malay community. • A guide will pick up visitors from the El Greeyo Coffee in Salt River at the time of their choice from 8:00am to 4:00pm. • This street art tour of two hours will be run by a trained local tour guide who is knowledgeable on the art displayed as well as the history of the Salt River area. • • • • • #capetowntourism #responsibletourism #capetownbest #southafrica #saltriver #ipaf2019 #streetartnews #streetartcapetown #streetarttoday #bazart #mural #capemalay

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A street art tour in Cape Town is a unique cultural experience. The Mother City is accepting street art more and more. The art has almost-magical powers of reviving a neighbourhood. Salt River and Woodstock has the largest concentration of street art in the city.

The tour you will offer you more insight into the cultural history of the area and the Cape Malay community, as well as the deeper meaning behind each artwork. It’s an immersive tour that will leave you with a greater appreciation of this art form. A knowledgeable trained local tour guide presents the tour and a two hour long tour costs R650 per person.

Visit ipafest.co.za for more information and to book your guided street art tour.
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If you’re a person who loves spending time outdoors (without hiking boots, sweat and mosquitoes), and you believe there just isn’t enough food, love and live music in the world, then you’ll want to pack at least a few fresh festival experiences into this year.

It doesn’t get any fresher than leaving the city behind and heading for the hills. So, we’ve brought you five off the beaten track festivals to add your list of things to do in the coming year.

  1. Darling Summer Beer Festival, Darling

Darling Summer Beer Festival

Held every year on Reconciliation Day, 16 December, the Darling Summer Beer Festival delivers all you’d expect of a beer festival – ice-cold beer, mouthwatering food with offerings of wholesome local deliciousness as well as refined cuisine, an impressive lineup of musicians, and time to share with friends and family. It’s the quaint town of Darling that makes this a unique and off-the-beaten-track event.

The point of the festival, apart from chilled fun and food, of course, is to showcase great West Coast breweries. Last year, Darling Brew served their craft beer to festival patrons straight from brewery tanks – it just doesn’t get any fresher than that!

The little ones are catered for, too, with a large play area and plenty of activities to keep them happy.

DBexperience@darlingbrew.co.za | Facebook: @DarlingBrew

  1. Cooked Sister – Wolfkop Weekender, Matjiesfontein

Twisted Sister Festival Cape Town Majiesfontein 1

Twisted Sister Festival Cape Town Majiesfontein 2

The town of Matjiesfontein in the Klein Karoo may seem like an odd place to hold a whole load of festive events every year over a weekend in June, but it isn’t. You see, the town’s original big cheese – James Douglas Logan – loved a good celebration. So, he developed a knack of bringing interesting people together, some of them were pretty well-known at the time – Rudyard Kipling, Olive Schreiner, Lord Randolph Churchill (father of Winston) and Cecil John Rhodes, to name a few. It was a time of fun and festivities, when one needed no excuse to break out the champagne or picnic in the veld in an old London double-decker bus.

Wolfkop Weekender has become a music festival when anything can happen and nothing is too oddball. This can be scavenger hunts in the courthouse, tea parties attended by guests decked out in Victorian garb, Bloody Mary’s around the pool to the sexy sounds of jazz. The point is: you get to design your own experience in true eccentric style.

Wolfkopweekender.wontom.com/tickets  |  Facebook: @WolfkopWeekender

  1. Oh Dam Music Festival

This festival is so far off the beaten track that you’ll need to bring a tent! Held over a long weekend in April, this festival brings together a hot lineup of musicians and one of the most beautiful outdoor experiences the Western Cape has to offer.

Clanwilliam is famous for its rock art created thousands of years ago by the San and Khoi. The old town is now a significant Rooibos tea supplier and the Clanwilliam Dam draws nature-lovers and adventurers to its flora, fauna and water sports.

The festival is held at the dam and delivers three days of fun for the whole family.


  1. Bot River Barrels and Beards Harvest Festival

Bot River Barrels Beards Harvest Festival Cape TownEach April, food and wine lovers take the N2 highway to the Overberg (just an hour from Cape Town) for a harvest festival that celebrates the best food and wine the region has to offer. You’re in for a selection from 13 mostly family-owned wine farms that produce world-class wines. The food won’t disappoint either.

So, where do the beards come in, you may ask? It’s simple. When the grape harvest starts, it’s none stop go, go, go. Grapes can be pernickety things, so it’s a race to get them picked and to the cellar when they’re just right for making wine. The last thing anyone thinks of is wasting time shaving, which is why beards in the vineyards and cellars are a common sight this time of year.

Of course, along with great food, wine and music, there is an award for the best harvest-time beard!

info@bartonvineyards.co.za  |  Facebook: @BotRiverWines

  1. Elgin Cool Wine and Country Festival

Elgin Cool Wine and Country Festival If your idea of heaven is visiting one wine farm after the other that not only offers signature cuisine paired with local wine, but fun and entertainment for the kids, too, then the Elgin Cool Wine and Country Festival, held at the end of April, is the festival for you.

Each participating winery creates their own unique programme for visitors that showcase their unique offering. This can include, not only memorable food, chocolate and wine pairings served in any number of ways (from food trucks to a la carte menus), but also a number of popular musicians, outdoor activities and scenic outdoor settings in the Elgin Valley. This festival is a great way to spend the weekend for the whole family.

saltatpaulcluver@gmail.com  |  Facebook: @WinesofElgin

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Alternative Hiking Routes While Lionshead is Closed

Lion’s Head is closed for trail maintenance and repair from the 7th of January until the 14th of February. To read more about the closure click here.

If you are like us you are probably looking for some other hikes to do in Cape Town while Lion’s Head is inaccessible. Here are some alternative hiking ideas for you, from laidback strolling to challenging rock scrambling.

Easy Hike: Pipe Track

Distance: approximately 6km | Hiking Time: 3 hours | Difficulty Level: Easy
Terrain: Level – a rocky single jeep track, with few stone stairs.

It is one of the most enjoyable tranquil and easy hikes in the city, with amazing views similar to Lion’s Head, along the pipe track above Camps Bay. You won’t be aiming for the summit, so no need to worry about steep and strenuous inclines. But it is a hefty distance, so come prepared with enough water and snacks. The hike starts on a single rocky path which leads into a jeep track. You will be hiking up a few little hills, but nothing too challenging.

The route dates back to 1887 and as the name hints at, the track was created to lay pipelines. These important pipes transfer the precious liquid from the mountain’s reservoirs to the City of Cape Town. You can’t go wrong with this hike, even though it is not challenging, the magnificent views of the 12 Apostles mountain range will make up for the simplistic route.

Did you know? Mountaineers have been conquering the mountain since 1503

The route meanders along the Atlantic coast, looking down upon Camps Bay, with Lion’s Head and the ocean in the distance. Enjoy the rich fauna and flora along the way, you’ll be surrounded by the famous fynbos, with proteas scattered along the way. The track hugs the side of the formidable Table Mountain sandstone cliffs and travels through the western slope ravines as well. The route is in the shade during the early morning and sunny the rest of the day. Best time to hike it in the hot summer months, is during the early morning or late afternoon.

Get to the Top: Platteklip Gorge

Distance: approximately 2.5km | Time: 2 to 3 hours | Difficulty Level: Moderate
Terrain: stone steps with steep sections on a single rocky track

This is the oldest and most direct route to Table Mountain’s summit. It is also one of the easiest routes, making it very popular (aka expect a few hiker friends to pass you on the way) It’s a well-constructed trail that follows a deep ravine on the front face of the mountain. Look up at the majestic cliffs as you hike, traversing them before reaching the summit.

You can also extend the hike from the ravine head, meandering along the whole length of the famous mountain before reaching the highest point on the summit. Epic views guaranteed! If you are not a big fan of scary heights, this is the best route for you.

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The hike features big rock steps, requiring some scrambling during the lower part the route. It still a tedious hike, although it’s less strenuous compared to other Table Mountain hiking options. It’s a good route option if your fitness level is low and you prefer a less technical hike, and perfect if you have a fear of heights. But beware, hiking down will take its toll on your body, as it is quite steep with joint-jarring steps to contend with. You can also opt for the option of climbing up Table Mountain and taking the cable car back down, or the other way around. Read our post Hiking up Table Mountain or Lion’s Head at Night if you want to spice up your hike.

More Challenging: Skeleton Gorge

Distance: approximately 6.5km | Time: about 5 hours | Difficulty Level: Challenging
Terrain: stone steps with steep sections and ladders on a single rocky track, includes minor scrambles

This one is another classic route up the mountain, but more challenging than Platteklip Gorge. It starts in the beautiful Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. So the first part of the route traverses through an indigenous jungle before you reach the shrub-covered slopes on the way to the highest point on the mountain.

You can also consider a little detour to the secret “beach” at the Table Mountain reservoirs. As you ascend the mountain, take in the epic views of the Cape Peninsula before enjoying the views of the city on the other side.

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The route scampers across slippery rocks in one section, so get ready for the challenge. But it doesn’t include any excessive exposure to heights, except for a short section of wooden ladders. These are very challenging during wet conditions. If you hike it during the winter months of June to August you will be treated to little waterfalls and cascades along the way.

What is scrambling?

It’s an in-between level, not just hiking and not quite climbing. This adds a nice challenge to a hike without making it too technical. After a hike that includes a bit of scrambling, you will feel like you have truly climbed a mountain.

India Venter

Distance: approximately 3km | Time: 3 hours | Difficulty Level: Challenging
Terrain: steep sections with staples and stone steps on a single rocky track, includes scrambling.

This one is by far one of the most challenging routes up the mountain. And not for the faint of heart, 15% of the way you will be navigating narrow ledges while exposed to heights. Ideal for adventurous hikers, with a great variation in the topography.

You will explore a very dramatic part of the mountain, climbing just-just below the cable car while meandering through the formidable cliffs. Although the hike is not as strenuous as Skeleton Gorge, it is more technical. If you are not an experienced hiker, it is advisable to do this route with a professional guide. Read our post Hiking up Table Mountain to learn more about the benefits of a guided hike.

Climbing Table Mountain should be taken very serious, and with a challenging route such as the India Venster you should make sure you are properly prepared and a competent hiker, if you want tackle it on your own. Plus, make sure that you climb with a group of friends. If you can stomach the heights, the magnificent views and imposing topography are spectacular. Any adventure junkie’s dream come true!

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